The big advantage of a smart home is that you don’t have to be home to control your devices. But what is a health smart home exactly? By monitoring the activities and health status of their occupants to generate flows of information and sometimes interventions involving the occupants and their careers,health smart home can provide various wellness and healthy support,

In this article we explain the basics of the healthy house of the future. That wellness house has been available for a long time now.

What is a health smart home?

The term “smart health home” means a house that is equipped with all kinds of smart devices which have benefits for your health. These devices are called smart because they have an internet connection (wireless or wired), which allows them to make contact with servers, services and other devices in, around and outside the house. Moreover, these devices can (often) be operated in all kinds of ways: with an app, network or with the voice. In addition, you can often operate those devices from another location – outside the health home.

The smart health home has been on the rise in recent years and that has a reason. The internet is not only becoming faster, but also more reliable and – in some cases – more affordable. In addition, routers and mesh systems (for a better distribution of the wifi signal) becoming more and more powerful, which means that much more is possible than, say, ten years ago. It also helps that devices can be produced cheaper and that more and more of those devices support multiple protocols and services.

What can you do with a smart health home?

When you have invested in a smart home, it depends on which devices you have bought to know what the possibilities are. In the general sense (we assume that you want to change all kinds of different things) you can, for example, make the thermostat smarter by operating it with an app. With such an app you can set schedules and location services, so that the device switches itself off automatically when you leave the house – at a fixed time or when something comes in between.

But you can also choose, for example, one smart security camera to install so that you can keep an eye on your pets or uninvited guests via a smartphone or tablet. Much more is possible in the field of monitoring; this way you can hang up smart meters for water and electricity, so that you can measure exactly what the consumption is of you and your family or housemates. There are also smart alarm systems and you can of course replace the old lamps with lighting with a wifi connection.

How do you start a smarthome?

Starting to build a smarthome is not that difficult. Perhaps you have already done it, for example by taking in a smart thermostat or speaker. It is great that you already operate your lamps with an app. In those cases you have already started to create a smarthome. There are many retrofit solutions: smart health home products that fit into existing systems without requiring a lot of investment or work. So you don’t necessarily have to build or buy a whole new house for this.

When you plan to do more with smarthomes in general, you have to pay attention to different things. Especially if you want to be able to operate everything from one central point. Want everything with the Google Assistant manage? That is possible, pay attention to the logo of the Google Assistant on the package. The same applies when you are looking for support for Amazon Alexa or Apple Homekit. You should also pay attention to protocols such as Z-Wave and Zigbee or support for services such as IFTTT.

IFTTT and the smarthome

One of the most important services for a smarthome is IFTTT. This is an automation service that allows you to connect products that cannot normally be linked to each other. For example, your TV and your lamps can work together (the lamps can turn green at a goal during a football match), but you can also set the heating to go out when a window is opened. You will find even more services in this category, such as Stringify and Yonomi.

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