Fitbit Aria 2 is not just a weight control scale. In addition, it is used by fitness enthusiasts to control personal health by measuring the body mass index or body fat percentage.Read our Fitbit Aria 2 review.

The intelligent scale is particularly recommended for people who already have a Fitbit fitness tracker or smartwatch and want to complete their movement successes with the range of functions provided by the WLAN scale. It is a pity that the measurement of body fat percentage is not accurate.

Smart WLAN scale, measures weight, BMI, body fat and lean mass, fitness control via app

Fitbit Aria 2 review- design the intelligent scale for fitness control

The Fitbit Aria 2 fitness scale has a simple design and is hardly distinguishable from a conventional scale. Aria 2 is about 31 cm long and wide and therefore offers enough space in its square shape.

The display has a round shape and is encased in a gray ring. The information is displayed digitally. Fitbit Aria 2 is available in black or white. On the lower side there is the compartment for the 3 AA batteries and four small feet included.

Aria 2 fitness scale – special features and functions

In addition to body weight, the smart Aria 2 scale also measures BMI, body fat percentage and lean mass. To measure the body fat percentage, users have to stand barefoot on the scales, since this value is determined using impulses. Therefore, children under the age of 13, pregnant women or people with pacemakers should not use the WLAN scale. This value is also not too precise and should be regarded as an estimate, because the impulse only comes from the lower body and thus through the legs, and a more precise measurement should also be done via the hands.
Overall, the measurement of the four different data allows a controlled view of fitness goals, weight loss and one’s own health. This is shown by tabular and graphic overviews in the Fitbit app (Android | iOS) emphasizes. Communication between smartphone and scale works via WLAN and Bluetooth.

Fitbit Aria 2 WiFi scaleWiFi scale Fitbit Aria 2 can hold up to 180 kg
(Fitbit / Amazon)

  • Create user profiles: up to eight users can connect the scale to their smartphone via app and create an individual profile. Fitbit Aria 2 automatically detects which user is weighing and synchronizes personal values.
  • privacy: The data collected in the Fitbit app is only shared with other users on request and is otherwise privately accessible.
  • Pair with Fitbit Smartwatch / Tracker: Data about the weight of the Aria 2 scale can, for example, be combined with the counted steps and their impact can be calculated.
  • Control food: Eating and drinking can also be done in the Fitbit app (Android | iOS) and check it.

Setting up the Fitbit Aria 2 WLAN scale – quick and easy

Setting up the Fitbit Aria 2 bathroom scale is easy and done in just 6 steps:

  1. Insert batteries and switch on Aria 2 scales
  2. Fitbit app (Android | iOS) download
  3. Log in to the app and navigate to the account settings in the top right
  4. Add Fitbit Aria 2 as a device
  5. Enter the number on the display of the scale in the app
  6. Connect Aria 2 to the WiFi

What is compatible with the Aria 2 bathroom scale?

In the Fitbit app, clear graphics allow clarity about fitness processes
(Fitbit / Amazon)

Users can connect the Aria 2 bathroom scale to a smartwatch or fitness tracker from Fitbit. Then sporting results can be coordinated with the current weight and other units.

Fitbit Aria 2 bathroom scales – important tests and ratings

In tests and ratings, the Fitbit Aria 2 scale is particularly recommended for athletes who want to log and control their values ​​precisely and easily.

  • In the Review of the experts from Fitbit Aria 2 particularly impressed with the convenient and automatic acquisition of various values. The inaccurate measurement in terms of body fat percentage and body composition is called negative. (Status: 02/2018)
  • The technology professionals from PCMag rated the Aria 2 scale with four out of a total of five points in their Review. (Status: 11/2017)
  • For the health and fitness experts from the Aria 2’s user slots were completely sufficient and the battery life in the Review was satisfactory. The negative point was the lack of accuracy in body fat measurement. (Status: 05/2019)

Prices and availability of the Fitbit Aria 2 intelligent scale


Smart WLAN scale, measures weight, BMI, body fat and lean mass, fitness control via app

Fitbit Aria Air as an alternative to the Fitbit Aria 2 body scale

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the Fitbit Aria 2 scale, we recommend Aria Air from the same manufacturer. The determination of the data works exclusively via Bluetooth. Users who can do without measuring body fat and lean mass receive an otherwise identical option for fitness control with the intelligent Aria Air scale.

Intelligent scale, measures weight and BMI, control via app, connection via Bluetooth

Fitbit Aria 2 – Technical details of the WLAN scale

  • colour: white or black
  • Dimensions: 31.2 x 31.2 x 3.3 cm
  • Weight: 1.93 kg
  • Load max.: 180 kg
  • display: digital display
  • battery: 3 AA batteries (included)
  • connection: WLAN and Bluetooth
  • material: Glass (surface)
  • personal data: detects max. 8 people

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