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Chinese meals tremella pure well being advantages and vitamin info

Chinese food tremella natural health benefits and nutrition facts

Chinese meals tremella vitamin info

Diet info of Chinese meals tremella (per 100 grams)   

Energy (kcal) 200              Fats (g) 1.9

Protein (g) 11                      Carbohydrates (g) 67.3

Potassium (mg) 1588         Sodium (mg) 82.1

Magnesium (mg) 56           Calcium (mg) 36

Niacin (mg) 5.3                    Phosphorus (mg) 169

Iron (mg) 4.1                       Vitamin B1 (mg) 0.27

Vitamin A (ug) 8                  Vitamin E (mg) 1.26

Zinc (mg) 3.03                      Copper (mg) 0.08

Vitamin B2 (mg) 0.25          Selenium (mcg) 2.99

Dietary fiber (g) 30.6          Carotene (mg) 59

Dietary worth of Chinese meals tremella

1. Tremella is wealthy in dietary fiber.

2. The protein contained within the Tremella contains 17 sorts of amino acids, of which 3/4 of them may be supplied by the Tremella.

3. Tremella is wealthy in vitamin D, which may forestall calcium loss.

4. Tremella additionally incorporates trehalose, multi-pentose, mannitol, and different glycogen, with a really excessive dietary worth, with a job of strengthening the physique resistance and firming of well being. It’s also a nourishing tonic edge.

5.Tremella additionally incorporates a wide range of minerals equivalent to calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, and sulfur, with the very best content material of calcium and iron.

Chinese meals tremella on your pure well being and cures:

The Tremella nature is impartial with a candy and lightweight taste and is non-toxic. Consumption of Tremella helps strengthen sperm to feed the kidneys to moisten the intestines, harmonize the abdomen, enriching vitality, to harmonize the blood, tone the guts, strengthen well being, feed mind, to refresh, to keep up the wonder, rejuvenate the pores and skin and delay life. It’s used for the remedy of delicate as a result of warmth of the lungs, dryness of the lungs attributable to dry cough, menstrual irregularities in ladies, gastritis and constipation, and so forth.

1. Refresh the heat and tone the abdomen: the Tremella can also be a tonic drugs with a moist however not greasy character. Consumption of Tremella impacts tone spleen, enhance urge for food, feeding vitality to purge the intestines to assist sleep, strengthen the abdomen, nourish the mind, feeding the Yin, refresh the warmth and moisten dryness. The Tremella is an efficient tonic for sufferers affected by gunshot attributable to Yin empty, and cannot eat ginseng, daggers and different heat tonics.

2. Improve endurance: the Tremella consumption can enhance endurance to radiotherapy, chemotherapy for sufferers with most cancers.

3. The impact of liver cleansing: the Tremella consumption can enhance liver cleansing capability and has the hepatoprotective impact; it additionally contributes to continual bronchitis aged and pulmonary coronary heart illness.

4. To keep up the wonder and stain removing: the Tremella is wealthy in pure colloid particular, with its impact of nourishing the Yin, common consumption can moisten the pores and skin and take away the yellow spots and freckles.

5. Drop pounds: the Tremella is a meals containing dietary fiber that promotes weight reduction, its dietary fiber might help gastrointestinal peristalsis, and cut back fats absorption.

6.Enhance immunity: Tremella consumption can forestall the lack of calcium, which may be very useful for the expansion and growth of the physique, Tremella is wealthy in selenium and different hint parts, which may enhance immunity antitumor.

Not really useful for: The exogenous chilly sufferers and diabetes cannot eat Tremella.

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