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Amazfit T-Rex – the inexpensive connected smartwatch for adventurers

Amazfit T-Rex – the inexpensive connected smartwatch for adventurers

Amazfit T-Rex review, test price of the connected watch at low cost for adventurer with military resistance standards and 14 sports tracking.

Huami has built its reputation by marketing connected watches on a low budget, just like Xiaomi with connected objects, a member of the same Chinese group. To date, the result is there, as Huami has sold over 100 million of its smartwatches worldwide.

Presented at CES 2020, the Chinese company is no exception to the rule by presenting two new models just like Xiaomi with the Mi Watch color.

The most interesting of the Huami novelties is the Amazfit T-Rex, presented alongside the Amazfit Bip-S. Much like the prehistoric dinosaur, it is tall, tough, and ready for the most extreme adventures.

amazfit smart health watch amazfit t-rex

Masculine design, resistant to military standards

A military look available in 5 colors: stone black, gun gray, camouflage green, army green and khaki. The brutal style is reinforced by the four metal buttons and screws on the dial.

Technically, the Amazfit T-Rex doesn’t differ much from other smartwatches launched in recent times. It has a 1.3-inch circular AMOLED display with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels and protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

1.3 AMOLED screen with 360 X 360 definition
Corning Gorilla Glass 3
48mm case
Silicone bracelet
However, it seems more rugged than most smartwatches on the market, as its strength lies in its endurance. Amazfit mentions that the watch has passed 12 military resistance certifications, including the common MIL-STD-810G.

Features and functionality of the Amazfit T-Rex

Bluetooth 5.0 connection with Android or iOS smartphones
Heart rate sensor
Geomagnetic sensor
Ambient light sensor

The smartwatch is heat resistant up to +70 ° C and can withstand negative temperatures down to minus 40 degrees. It is also resistant to humidity for up to 240 hours and to acidic or salty liquids for 96 hours. Finally, it is waterproof to 50 meters.

Features are classic and complete:

.Heart rate sensor
.Sleep tracking
.Display of notifications,
.Recording of 14 sports activities
.Reminder from
Find your phone by ringing it from your ride

Excellent autonomy

The battery life is no exception, because the watch can last 20 days on a full charge with its 390 mAh battery for typical use:

Heart rate sensor always on,
Sleep tracking activated,
150 notifications per day,
Check the time 30 times a day,
Use for 5 minutes for other operations,
Recording exercises 3 times a week and GPS activated for 30 minutes each time.
But, it can last more than 2 months in economy mode (Bluetooth and pulse monitoring disabled)

Note that continued use of GPS reduces usage to 20 hours. In the same way, if you activate the permanent display mode (and not the mode which automatically turns off after a few seconds) the autonomy drops to just under 3 days. In the end a real performance in this price range.

E-health activity monitoring

The watch also has 14 sport modes which cover the whole gamut from swimming to skiing.

smart health watch amazfit t-rex sport
The T-Rex (and the new Bip S) works with the Huami PAI, the technology developed by PAI Health. It analyzes heart rate and activity data to achieve a PAI score out of 100, which can be recorded and improved. The goal is to maintain a high PAI score, rather than taking 10,000 steps a day. I find this management of objectives more fun and more complete than the sole criterion of a distance to be covered daily.

Amazfit and PAI Health (formerly Mio Global) began their partnership in 2024 – and it came to fruition with a collection of watches, including the Amazfit GTS and GTR.

Note the absence of monitoring for mountain biking among the 14 integrated activities. However, we have indoor or outdoor cycling and triathlon. More original skiing, triathlon and especially the fact of being able to use it in swimming pools as well as at sea. The choice of the Amazfit T-Rex will therefore depend on your sports practices.

Amazfit T-Rex price and availability

While the fitness app and the Amazfit ecosystem can’t challenge Garmin for workout analysis, they certainly can in the pricing field. Thus, the Amazfit T-Rex is officially marketed at $139 .

Amazfit T-Rex review

The overall appearance makes this a massive, masculine watch, a far cry from the design of an Apple Watch. Personally, I rather like this very US Army style suitable for wide cuffs. Its main advantage is that it offers a 33 mm AMOLED screen with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels .

In addition, it has excellent impact resistance rarely seen at this price, except for the glass which is a simple Gorilla Glass 3 (and not a sapphire crystal).

But above all, the Huami Xiaomi T-Rex offers respectable technical characteristics overall, especially for such a tight price. However, it lacks the music player and a WiFi connection.

We will therefore choose it for its look and its quality / price ratio.

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