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Is iRobot Braava Jet M6 worth to buy? The best price & review

Is iRobot Braava Jet M6 worth to buy? The best price & review

The world of robot vacuum cleaners is full of models of all kinds and at all prices, that of robot mops is much smaller. At iRobot, the family has grown with the arrival of the Braava Jet M6. As a reminder, the Brava range consisted of the Jet 240 (reserved for small parts) and the 390T (oriented for larger spaces with navigation via “Northstar” module to be placed in the center of the room). With a fairly aging range, the Braava Jet M6 brings a breath of modernity to these robot mops.

Best price of iRobot Braava Jet M6

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Three years after the launch of the Braava Jet 240, iRobot returns to the robot mop sector with its Braava Jet m6. This much more sophisticated version is launched at $ 699, which is $ 450 more expensive. For this price, we gain Wi-Fi connectivity (versus Bluetooth for the previous generation), a mapping system to navigate more intelligently and better autonomy to cover a larger area. iRobot keeps on this Braava Jet m6 the automatic wipe detection which allows to adapt the washing mode: dry sweeping or washing (water projection and wipe which vibrates to scrub the floor).

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By opening the box, we find the Braava Jet M6 robot, its base, the power supply cable, a 118 ml detergent bottle, a set of two disposable mops, a washable mop, a disposable microfiber (for the sweeping function ) and a last washable microfiber.

Technical sheet

Brand: iRobot Model: Braava Jet M6 – M6134 Battery: Lithium-Ion Dimension: 27 cm x 25.2 cm x 9 cm Weight: 2.2 kg Autonomy: 2 hours Charging time: NC Remote control: app and voice control Charging station: dock type Accessories: 1 x 118ml detergent bottle, washable mop x1, disposable mops x2, washable microfiber x 1, disposable microfiber x 1, water tray x 1 Water tank: NCl Connectivity: Wi-Fi IEEE802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz Others: User Guide

Convenience of employment

If the Roomba s9 + vacuum cleaner has swapped its round shape for a D shape, the Braava Jet m6 does not break with the aesthetic codes of its predecessors. The shape is still square and the height of the device remains at 8 cm, which is more compact than the manufacturer’s robot vacuums.

If there’s one thing the Braava Jet m6, and other robots of the brand are doing as a UFO in the middle, it’s its shape. Goodbye to the round shapes of lambda robots, here the robot is only 8 cm high. This allows better performance for washing the corners of your house or apartment.

When you look at it, the recently tested s9 + shows some family resemblances with this Braava Jet m6. Both feature this ring that lights up when the robot is on the move. In addition, they embed a camera in the hull to map the space in which they operate. Finally, they both have the same minimalist control panel. We find the essential “Clean” button which starts cleaning with a simple press as well as the button to order a return to the base (house icon) and a third to trigger a targeted cleaning (Spot mode).

Aesthetic consistency is also justified at iRobot by the complementarity of the two devices. The Roomba s9 + and i7 and i7 + are thus able to communicate with the Braava Jet m6 thanks to the in-house “Imprint Link” technology. When the robot vacuums have finished their task, they send out a signal that triggers the Braava to wash. In use, this sequence has turned out to be rather capricious insofar as the slightest annoyance (such as the interruption of a suction cycle) cancels the association of the two devices.

iRobot is renewing its automatic wipe detection system here. Thus, as soon as a wipe is installed, the robot knows whether it should humidify it or not; which is equivalent to a dry sweeping, a polishing of the grounds or a washing. For this last mode, it is advisable to fill the tank located under the hull and to create a water + detergent mixture. The water infiltrates the wipe by capillary action, so that it is never completely soaked and does not flood the floor. Surprisingly, the soapy water diffuser is not tilted towards the floor. The spray is diffused directly in the axis.

Connectivity and application

In order to take advantage of the robot’s range of functions, it is of course necessary to connect it to the home’s Wi-Fi network; a first for the iRobot robot mop which, until today, was satisfied with a Bluetooth connection. The application accompanies us in each step: connection with the robot in the Wi-Fi settings of the smartphone, sharing of the home network password and the matter is settled.

The application allows Roomba to be synchronized with the Braava Jet m6. When the first finishes the task, the second goes on.

The application offers almost the same features as those available on the manufacturer’s high-end Roomba: remote launch, monitoring of cleaning progress, interrupting or pausing the device, weekly programming, etc. At the end of a cleaning cycle, the user can take a look at the report of the last sessions. Equipped with a mapping system, the Braava Jet m6 is able to record blueprints of the rooms it cleans and keep track of cleaning cycles. It also offers a history of the robot’s exits (surface, duration, times, etc.). From the smart cards, it is possible to configure the areas to be cleaned (entire household or room by room) and to indicate the places where the robot must pass. In addition, it is possible to use virtual beacons to prevent it from accessing certain sensitive places; near multiple outlets spread out on the ground, for example.


The water tank is located under the hood, which – like the dust collectors in robot vacuums – has a small handle to facilitate installation and removal. If all the water has not been used up at the end of a wash cycle, we recommend that you empty it to avoid stagnation. This manipulation is done much more easily on its predecessor which had to be shaken to drain. You can easily remove the water tank located under the hood. The wipe ejection system reappears on this model: a small button allows them to be extracted quickly. Remember that two permanent wipes and two disposables are provided. For perms, we recommend a quick rinse with the tap before washing them in the machine.

Navigation system

Thanks to its mapping system, the Braava Jet m6 knows its position in space and can navigate methodically. In fact, it performs a zigzag trajectory and spares no area, which is very appreciable. We could even criticize him for being overzealous when he is busy cleaning a surface on which he has already passed. It is in the management of obstacles that we expected this Braava, and in particular around the mats. When it perceives this kind of obstacle, the Braava Jet m6 traces its course and does not project its spray. On the other hand, it is less that with the multiple outlets which drag on the ground under the furniture. If you do not delimit them with the virtual beacons (via the application) or if you do not raise them, the Braava can spray them with its spray. Electrical cables are the pet peeves of most robots, so when the robot is sending water, it is strongly recommended to take all precautions upstream. For the rest, the Braava gets out of all the perilous situations. It revolves around table or chair legs and manages to pass through raised door sills or cross chair legs. It handles obstacles well, despite a slight tendency to bump into walls or furniture.

iRobot Braava Jet M6

Washing efficiency

In order to assess the washing efficiency, we voluntarily soiled the floor of our test lab using several materials: strawberry syrup, coffee, oil and simulated dust by fixing the floor with sawdust water and a handful of cocoa powder. The Braava Jet m6 was able to successfully mop up all ground material. The coffee, syrup and cocoa powder are completely gone. And if the oil stain has lost its luster, you can feel the soil still greasy despite the passage of the robot mop. The same goes for the strawberry syrup: no stain is to be deplored, but the soil is still a little sticky. Likewise, thick dust (simulated with sawdust) was slightly pushed back along the baseboards. We admit, our test is somewhat drastic and we spared neither the lab floor nor the Braava Jet m6. But this test reveals quite well its ability to clean floors already vacuumed rather than cleaning disasters in the kitchen. Note that after spraying the ground, the robot moves forward, then backward (to brush), then forward again; a bit like a dance. A bit like a “Roomba”.


Like all Braavas before it, the Jet m6 is very quiet. You can easily operate it when you are at home, and even at night if you wish – as long as you sleep in a separate room. Indeed, its sound level did not exceed 48 dB (A), which is very comfortable.


The Braava Jet m6 works with a rechargeable battery, which is far from being a detail since the Braava Jet 240 came with a battery to be recharged on an external charger (to limit contact between electricity and electricity). ‘water). This recharging system borrowed from robot vacuum cleaners therefore considerably facilitates the overall use of the device. And since it is designed to cover larger spaces, the Braava Jet m6 has a battery that lasts for 2 hours of washing; a great feat.

Alexa save your time!

Regarding the Alexa skill, all that is more banal “Alexa, put the mop on”, “Alexa, stop the mop”. For me, the interest is to integrate it into the routines: “Alexa, I’m going to work”: turn off the light, turn off the TV or the music, activate the robot (for example). Unusually enough, I had some difficulty detecting my two iRobots devices with the skill, I had to do it three times.  


To summarize this testing: We are overall very satisfied with this robot. A huge time saving combined with the robot vacuum cleaner, a house that is always clean when you come home at night. We who run after time, it’s really nice. The cleaning time may seem a bit long, but if like me you spend your days at the office, the magic duo will run in your absence so not too annoying. I recommend it all the same in addition to a vacuum cleaner robot, I would not have seen myself using it without having a robot, for me the surface must be clean of all rubbish, dust before its passage and unless you pass the vacuum cleaner is even every day it does not seem playable. Finally, this robot convinced me, but I still find the price a little prohibitive, if you want to be tempted to seek as much as possible the good deal to reduce the bill.   ]]>

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