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Burgenstock Hotels & Resort – Waldhotel & Spa , one of the best luxury medispas in Switzerland

Switzerland is highly known for its outstanding hotel industry as well as its excellent health care system. Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence, a recent addition to the medical hotel and spa scene that guarantees a full recovery, offers the best of both worlds. The 137-room wellness hotel is impressive in terms of both its design and the caliber of its preventative and regeneration therapies. Who wouldn’t like to spend a few days or weeks in a luxurious clinic in the picturesque Swiss Alps receiving pampering?

An innovative and environmentally conscious architecture

Situated amidst magnificent natural surroundings and overlooking Lake Lucerne, Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence is one of four hotels that comprise the Bürgenstock Resort. The Bürgenstock Hotel, the Palace Hotel, and the Taverne 1879 are the other three hotels.

The stunning wooden front of the Waldhotel, created by renowned Italian designer Matteo Thun, sets it apart. Its design adheres to strict sustainable development guidelines while being both creative and environmentally friendly.

A particularly successful architecture (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

The Waldhotel’s suites and rooms welcome you into a world of well-balanced design, where tactile surfaces coexist with natural materials like wood and stone from the area. Since the breathtaking view of the mountain scenery is the main attraction here, the tasteful and contemporary decor knows how to stay under the radar.

Elegant rooms (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

The rooms are a minimum of 40 m² and all have balconies. Bathrooms are large, with separate tubs and walk-in showers.

Bathrooms with bathtub in the deluxe suites (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

Large bay windows and mirrors give a feeling of space and light. In the superior category, the suites are made up of one or two bedrooms for a maximum area of ​​150 m². The largest are real apartments, with kitchen, living room and fireplace.

Burgenstock Hotels & Resort - Waldhotel & Spa

Burgenstock Hotels & Resort – Waldhotel & Spa Mountain view from a bedroom balcony 


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The Waldhotel spa

The spa of the Waldhotel is of great quality, though not as impressive as the Alpine Spa at the Bürgenstock Hotel, which is a short walk away. It features an expansive indoor swimming pool as well as an outdoor heated pool that lets you experience nature’s communion even in the dead of winter. The spa’s layout, which features infrared saunas, cold water Kneipp baths to stimulate the body, and cozy rockers by the fire to warm up, reflects this hot-cold contrast.

Burgenstock Resort

Burgenstock Resort

The indoor spa pool (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

There are many relaxation areas and a particularly zen atmosphere that emerges from the whole. The spa has 23 treatment rooms, with an extensive selection of massages and facials. We also come here for get a makeover, and the best cosmetic products are used, always in a non-invasive way.

Many relaxation areas (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

Wellness programs at the Waldhotel, or how to be reborn in a new light

Even while the Waldhotel Spa is a pleasure to be at, a visit there is primarily intended to address medical issues, whether they be mental or physical. The hotel provides medical checkups, postoperative convalescence regimens, and burnout patient treatment.

There are eleven wellness programs to select from, each tailored to a certain need. The programs use a variety of procedures to promote health and appearance, as well as advanced diagnostics and examinations. Here, we deal with issues related to mobility, controlling weight and metabolism, and maintaining physical and mental equilibrium.

Yoga facing the mountain (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

This wide range of therapeutic services is based on the following triptych: Anyone wishing to maintain long-term good health should ensure that they have enough rest, a balanced diet and regular physical exercise. One of the big differences with other famous wellness hotels such as the Chenot Palace Weggis or the SHA Wellness Clinic that we also offer is that here there are no treatments inspired by Chinese medicine. Everything is based on Western medicine.

The Waldhotel programs last between three and fourteen nights and begin with a diagnosis, the Waldhotel Check-up, which makes it possible to a full health check. The programs were created in collaboration with Dr. Verena Briner, a doctor specializing in general internal medicine and nephrology who for 20 years headed the medical department of the Lucerne cantonal hospital LUKS.

Icoone device to combat cellulite (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

A luxury clinic with the most modern equipment

The fitness center also offers sports medicine consultations and in performance diagnostics, with electrocardiograms, 24-hour blood pressure measurement, ultrasound to examine the carotid arteries, etc.

It also has a modern laboratory in order to carry out blood and urine tests on site, as well as bone density measurement, biometrics and analysis of the composition of muscle fat, or other tests of the pulmonary function… An experienced team is available for your questions and evaluations.

Cryotherapy helps strengthen the body (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

The colorful and healthy cuisine of the Verbena restaurant

One of the most remarkable points of the Waldhotel concept lies in the colorful kitchen of his restaurant, the Verbena. The principle is simple: to provide customers with a perfectly balanced and nutritious diet that strengthens, heals and calms the body from the inside out, offering an assortment of dishes in a unique color every day. Expect your plate to be completely green on Sunday and completely orange on Thursday! A unique concept in the world, as appealing as it is delicious.

Created by Gault Millau-winning celebrity chef Martin Stein, healthy cooking is based onon an alkaline diet, sugar-free, salt-free, dairy-free, low-carb diet. Chef Martin Stein emphasizes fresh, organic ingredients, including 30 types of herbs, and he only uses vegetable oils, like hemp and camelina oil. Hemp oil has demonstrated benefits for reducing inflammation and is effective in treating a number of skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Restaurant with a view (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

The majority of wellness programs offer half board; however, Senior Detox Pro will let you to fully experience this nutritious food, along with nutrition counseling and natural colon cleansing with alkaline powder and figs. A cooking lesson is offered to assist you in maintaining healthy eating habits at home. It’s also about learning how to replicate these miracles at home.


How to arrive at Bürgenstock Resort

The resort is located near Lake Lucerne and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Here’s a guide on how to reach Bürgenstock Resort:

By Air

Fly to Zurich Airport (ZRH):

Zurich Airport is the major international airport in Switzerland.

From Zurich Airport:

Take a train from Zurich Airport to Lucerne. The train journey takes approximately 1 hour.

By Train

From Lucerne Train Station:

Upon reaching Lucerne, proceed to Lucerne Train Station.

Take a train to Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock. The train journey is about 22 minutes.

Boat Ride (Optional):

At Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock, you have the option to take a boat across Lake Lucerne to the Bürgenstock Boat Station.

By Boat

Boat Ride from Lucerne:

Instead of the train, you can opt for a scenic boat ride from Lucerne to the Bürgenstock Boat Station.

The boat ride on Lake Lucerne offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Bürgenstock Boat Station:

Disembark at the Bürgenstock Boat Station.

By Funicular

Funicular to Bürgenstock:

From the Bürgenstock Boat Station, take the Bürgenstock Funicular to reach the resort.

The funicular ride is part of the experience, offering panoramic views.

By Car

Take the A2 motorway to Stansstad Nord exit. From there, follow the signs for Bürgenstock. The drive from Stansstad Nord to Bürgenstock takes approximately 15 minutes.

Set your navigation system to Bürgenstock Resort, Bürgenstock 31, 6363 Bürgenstock, Switzerland.



Where is Burgenstock?

Bürgenstock is a village in the canton of Nidwalden in Switzerland. It is located on a mountain ridge that is 500 meters above Lake Lucerne.

How much is Bürgenstock Resort?

The price of a room at Bürgenstock Resort varies depending on the type of room, the time of year, and the length of stay. However, in general, the resort is considered to be quite expensive. For example, a standard room in the summer can cost over $1,000 per night.

When did Bürgenstock Resort open?

The Bürgenstock Resort was first opened in 1873. However, it has been renovated and expanded several times over the years. The most recent renovation was completed in 2017.

How high is Burgenstock Hotel?

The Burgenstock Hotel is located on a mountain ridge that is 500 meters above Lake Lucerne. This means that the hotel offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and lake.

What Difference Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence / Bürgenstock Resort

Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence is a hotel and spa located within the Bürgenstock Resort. It is one of four hotels that make up the Bürgenstock Resort, along with the Bürgenstock Hotel, the Palace Hotel, and the Taverne 1879.

Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence focuses on health and wellness, offering a variety of programs and services to help guests improve their physical and mental health. The hotel has a spa, fitness center, and medical clinic. It also offers a variety of healthy dining options.

The Bürgenstock Resort is a luxury resort that offers a variety of amenities and activities, including a casino, golf course, tennis courts, and spa. It also has a number of restaurants and bars.

While Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence and Bürgenstock Resort are both part of the same complex, they offer different experiences. Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence is a good choice for guests who are looking for a health and wellness-focused vacation. The Bürgenstock Resort is a good choice for guests who are looking for a luxury vacation with a variety of amenities and activities.

Feature Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence Bürgenstock Resort
Focus Preventive medicine, health and well-being Luxury resort, leisure and business travel
Amenities Medical center, spa, fitness center, healthy dining options Casino, golf course, tennis courts, spa, restaurants, bars, shops
Target audience People looking to improve their health and well-being People looking for a luxurious vacation or business retreat

Key Differences:

Purpose and Focus

  • Waldhotel: Health, medical services, and wellness.
  • Bürgenstock Resort: Diverse luxury resort experiences.


  • Waldhotel: Specialized medical facilities and wellness amenities.
  • Bürgenstock Resort: Comprehensive resort facilities, including recreational and dining options.


  • Waldhotel: Emphasis on a holistic and health-oriented atmosphere.
  • Bürgenstock Resort: Blend of luxury, natural beauty, and recreational pursuits.

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