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Chinese calligraphy for a protracted and wholesome life

Chinese calligraphy for a protracted and wholesome life

Up to date: December 13, 2019

Chinese Calligraphy

We name calligraphy , the artwork of writing the indicators of a language. The Chinese calligraphy is characterised by the originality and richness of Chinese writing. It permits a really extensive area of inventive expression.

Probably the most well-known chi noise calligraphy is that written with a brush. Schoolchildren study it by means of sinograms with a ballpoint pen or pen: it’s pen calligraphy (hardly stunning title, it's true!) Those that calligraphy with a brush are usually not good at calligraphy and vice versa. , it’s a query of flexibility of the wrist.

In historical occasions, Chinese characters have been carved on the bones of oxen or turtle shells, then on bronze. Then they made books with bamboo slats related collectively. He actually makes use of a bamboo nib and black soot for the ink. Bamboo plume continues to be used generally.

The brush calligraphy is finished on rice paper or on silk (extra fragile). The fabric of a calligrapher is named 4 examine treasures : the comb, the paper, the ink and the ink stone . The ink comes within the type of sticks which might be rubbed on the ink stone with water to kind an ink fluid. Now the ink is in a bottle, rather more handy and of fine high quality. However this technique doesn’t have appropriate densities.

Good calligraphy historically mirrored the extent of a literate tradition. doctor have to be a very good calligrapher (gloups!) And the examination to grow to be an imperial official requires extra emphasis on the candidate's calligraphy than on the content material of the copy!

The historical past of Chinese writing (over 3000 years!) Has developed many types of calligraphy. Moreover, Chinese characters have totally different spellings: round 3 per character. Happiness characters have 100 totally different spellings. The calligrapher already has a variety of potentialities. It will probably additionally range on the complete and the unfastened to precise their emotions. There could also be totally different calligraphic characters in a textual content to strengthen or change its that means . The message that Chinese calligraphy can convey could be very broad.

To study Chinese calligraphy, it’s higher to know the fundamentals of Chinese writing, in any other case he’ll study on the job. We first examine the essential traces, after which draw the characters within the common type. Then you definitely study the cursive type and eventually the grass type, very cursive. The Chinese say that the common type is like standing, the cursive type is like strolling, and the grass type is like working.

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Conventional Chinese Medication

Medical experiences and analysis research have ranked the apply of Chinese calligraphy amongst longevity-promoting actions.

Calligraphy can dispel depression and grief by uplifting your thoughts and soul. In response to Lu You, a poet of the Tune Dynasty: “With a smile, you play with brush and ink, and the illness subsides.” Within the apply of Chinese calligraphy, the comb strokes grow to be stronger, the ink turns into alive, which promotes the therapeutic of

ailments and will increase bodily situation.

Chinese calligraphy is a bodily apply

Since historical occasions, there was a scientific rationale for linking bodily health and longevity to brush writing. The apply of calligraphy is psychological work that may train your considering means, in addition to being mild bodily train, involving motion of the entire physique.

The apply of calligraphy shouldn’t be about spreading paper and smearing ink, nevertheless it entails the spirit of the guts, energy and vitality. Whenever you maintain the comb like a calligrapher, it’s best to sit up and gaze with focus. Whereas writing, it’s best to maintain your head straight, calm down your shoulders, and sit in an upright place along with your arms open and your toes firmly on the ground. The energy of the physique from the waist is regularly transmitted to the shoulders, elbows, wrists, palms of the palms, fingers and eventually to the comb.

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On the surface, the practice of calligraphy seems to consist only of moving the hands, but in reality it involves both the whole body and the mind. Chinese calligraphers need to enter a meditative state with a righteous heart, calm mind, peaceful body, and focus completely on writing. Many principles and benefits of practicing Chinese calligraphy are similar to practicing qigong .

Wang Xianzhi lastly realized that solely by finding out and dealing onerous can he grow to be a famend calligrapher.

Chinese calligraphers have to enter a meditative state with a righteous coronary heart, calm thoughts, peaceable physique, and focus utterly on writing.

Calligraphy is a wholesome way of life primarily based on
conventional Chinese medication .

Conventional Chinese Medication believes that folks have 5 inner organs which might dissolve 5 energies. If the seven feelings – specifically anger, concern, disgust, happiness, unhappiness, shock, and contempt – are extreme, the 5 inner organs might be in disarray. On this case, calligraphy can modify your psychological state to stabilize your temper.

In response to the meridian system of traditional Chinese medicine , the motion of the brushstrokes in calligraphy can transfer the “ zusanli “, which is among the 365 classical acupuncture factors positioned on the leg of the stomach meridian . The generally used 5-finger writing technique not solely makes the writing of phrases robust and highly effective, however it may well additionally regulate your blood and vitality circulation, calm down your joints, steadiness your yin and yang, promote your physique and enhance your vitality. On the identical time, writing has psychological advantages that can’t be ignored.

The 4 levels of well being from Chinese calligraphy

  • First stage

    With preparatory actions, resembling washing the comb and grinding the ink, all 4 components of your physique are relaxed and there’s a regular circulate of vitality by means of the meridians.

  • Second step

    Wang Xizhi famous the development of the levels within the writing: “Contemplative considering, projection of the figures within the thoughts, stage and upright motion with a vibration in order that the vitality meridians are related, and focus on the writing of the characters ”. It requires concentrating the ideas and adjusting the consciousness to the perfect state in an effort to enter the psychological image.

  • Third step

    Focus and vitality are the p rocesses of calligraphic actions. The hot button is to get the entire physique shifting to switch vitality to the hand. This step may be thought of crucial step within the calligraphic motion.

  • Fourth step

  • Good works may be pleasing to the attention and to the guts. By studying calligraphy you’re going to get the satisfaction of your personal creation and there’s a form of transcendence within the purification of your thought.

He would copy the poem dozens of occasions a day, and simply earlier than his father got here residence, he would erase the poem when nobody was him and rewrite it in the identical place on the wall, imitating his calligraphy. dad.

Good works may be pleasing to the attention and to the guts.

Calligraphers profit from an extended lifespan

Chinese calligraphy is taken into account a helpful exercise for growing longevity, because it entails each physique and thoughts. Calligraphers typically die of outdated age, with out affected by sickness. Persevering in finding out calligraphy for a few years is an excellent strategy to keep in form.

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It is usually well-known that calligraphers have an extended than common lifespan. From the Han dynasty to the Qing dynasty, the typical lifespan of an individual was 40 years; nonetheless, well-known calligraphers lived to be 80 years outdated . For instance, Liu Gongquan of the Tang Dynasty lived to be 87 years outdated.

From the tip of the Qing Dynasty to the founding of New China, the typical lifespan of an individual was 62 years, however well-known calligraphers had a mean lifespan of 88 years. At the moment, the lifespan of well-known calligraphers typically exceeds 90 years. For instance, Qi Baishi and Zhang Shizhao each lived over 90 years outdated.

Chinese calligraphy shouldn’t be solely an artwork, it may well additionally uplift your physique, thoughts and soul by means of inner and exterior practices. It has been seen as a strategy to strengthen the thoughts and physique in the direction of wholesome dwelling.