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Chinese eight treasures capsules and pure well being

Chinese pure medicine- Eight treasures capsules

Eight treasures capsules

therapeutic makes use of

indications : convalescence, fatigue.

well being philosophy:this system is used for the vacuum power and blood .

Related signs :
dizziness , bending or lifting ; palpitations on exertion ; anemia ; shortness
of breath ; lack of urge for food ; pale and uninteresting complexion ; pale tongue with
white coating; weak pulse .



As this system is in
totally different kinds and at various concentrations , it is very important comply with the
producer’s suggestions. A tonic needs to be taken for a minimum of one month
. This toner can be utilized long run .



Following an sickness,
overwork, childbirth or important blood loss , Power and Blood discover
themselves empty . The vacuum power causes the feeling of fatigue, lack of
urge for food and shortness of breath. Vacuum blood influences the Coronary heart and Mind:
palpitation and dizziness. The title of this way arises from the truth that it
comprises eight elements are helpful to get better the vitality . This system can
be taken as a basic tonic in all circumstances.


Historical past

This system is cited
in Zheng Ti Lei Yao, written in 1529 by a well-known physician , Bi Li- Zhai
merchandise.Accessible in Chinese natural shops, many shops pure well being merchandise as
effectively as distributors in acupuncture tools and conventional Chinese drugs.

You’ll be able to click here to see some
eight treasures capsules product instance.

The merchandise of the
following firms meet good manufacturing practices of the Australian Therapeutic
Items Administration, that are regarded right now as the best requirements within the
world for assessing manufacturing processes of merchandise Chinese pharmacopoeia.

Nu Ke Ba Zhen Wan.
Model: Minshan manufactured by Lanzhou Foci Herb Manufacturing unit, Lanzhou, China.

Ba Zhen Wan. Model:
Tanglong manufactured by Gansu Medicines & Well being Merchandise I / E Corp., Lanzhou, China.


Identify Chinese pin yin

Pharmaceutical title

Therapeutic actions

Ren shen

Radix Panax ginseng (Asian ginseng root)

Tones Power adaptogen

Bai Zhu

Radix atractylodis macrocephalae

Power tones, tones the spleen

Fu Ling

Poriae sclerotium cocos

Drains dampness, tonifies the spleen

Zhi Gan Cao

Radix glycyrrhizae uralensis (licorice roasted in honey)

Tones Power and the common Lobby

Shu Di Huang

Radix rehmanniae glutinosae preparata (Chinese foxglove root ready)

Nourishes Blood and Yin

Bai shao

Radix paeoniae lactiflorae (white peony root)

Invigorates the blood and liver Yin

Chuan Xiong

Radix ligustici wallichi (lovage root)

Takes away the ache, the blood circulates

Dang Gui

Radix Angelicae sinensis (Chinese angelica root)

Tones and circulates blood

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