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Discover how this ‘conscious water’ Aalemma can make you 12 years younger & powerful revitalizing impact on the overall quality of your life!

Aalemma is a device that turns ordinary tap water into supercharged, full-spectrum, coherent water. H2O molecules travel chaotically and irregularly in ordinary tap water. Aalemma water alters the condition of water dramatically by rearranging the H2O molecules into a liquid crystalline structure via a simple technique. All living things are influenced by that structure and its stability.


Aǹalemma Tube and benefits

The Aalemma Water Tube is a full-spectrum coherent water® filled quartz-glass tube with a stainless-steel handle.

It shapes the molecules in the water you consume, resulting in body and mind coherence.

To see how Aalemma water affects human health, used GlycanAge, a very exact and well-researched scientific procedure.


The GlycanAge test estimates your biological age quite precisely (in contrast to your chronological age). It shows you how old you really are and, as a result, how healthy you are.

It can be a valuable tool for assessing your health and well-being.

The GlycanAge team is the world’s leading expert in the field of glycoscience. Their award-winning researchers are pioneers in biochemistry and molecular biology.

They’ve been researching aging for almost 20 years and have published their findings in over 120 peer-reviewed papers.



What exactly are glycans?

Sugar molecules that wrap and change proteins in your body are known as glycans. They respond to your lifestyle choices and can determine your biological age with accuracy.

Glycans have a big impact on your own biology, and they’re influenced almost equally by our genes and our environment and lifestyle choices.

What role do glycans play in human health and aging?

Glycans are important for our health, yet they are also involved in the majority of disorders. The balance of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory glycans in our bodies shifts as we become older.

Various inflammatory effectors, such as an excessive or inappropriate diet or exercise regimen, hormonal changes, the surrounding environment, ethnic background, and so on, can generate an imbalance, speeding up the aging process and increasing the risk of numerous diseases.

What factors does GlycanAge consider when determining biological age?

GlycanAge calculates your biological age by analyzing the state of your body’s glycans.

GlycanAge examines the glycans associated to Immunoglobulin G, or IgG, the most common antibody in your blood.

Aalemma gathered 19 people of all ages and genders. They started with the first GlycanAge test to establish a baseline. They subsequently began drinking Aalemma water on a daily basis for three months, consuming at least one liter (35 oz) each day, before taking the second test. The study’s participants did not alter their daily routines in any way. Except for the water they drank, everything remained the same.

The end product was incredible!Within 3 months of drinking the water, all of the individuals, with the exception of one, saw a biological age rejuvenation of 1-12.


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Brainwave harmonisation

Because the brain is the most liquid organ in the body, water playsutton] a significant, essential part in all of its processes. We detected an equilibrium within half an hour of subjects drinking the Aalemma water while investigating the effect of Aalemma on brainwaves. Using an EEG, we discovered that Aalemma water had instant favorable effects in numerous areas of the brain. We also discovered that using a cellphone disrupts this delicate balance and causes confusion in the brainwaves.

The scientist tested the Aalemma water on cellphone users to see if it might restore the equilibrium, and lo and behold, the balance was restored within a few minutes of drinking the water.

Aalemma provides balance in our bodies and brains, and the brain is the portion where it manifests itself the quickest.

Upsurge of power capacity of water by 300%

Did you know that water has a 150-300 mV electrical capacity? The electrical capacity of that same water increases by a stunning 300 percent after just a few spins with Aalemma!

All of that energy ends up in our cells when we drink Aalemma water, revitalizing and restoring our entire system.

We employed a newly developed technique capable of measuring extremely low frequencies in water and plants to test the increase in electrical capacity. We took rainwater, blended it with Aalemma, and then assessed the capacity changes. The water’s electrical capacity rose by 300 percent!

We next irrigated the plants with the same water for the next three months, measuring the changes. The results were astounding: the plants, like the water, raised their energy levels by up to 300 percent. The plants lasted much longer because of their high energy levels.

Coherent body and mind

We all want to be connected. We all want to be meaningfully linked to ourselves and everything around us. Quantum physics makes it abundantly evident that everything in the Universe is linked. Our ability to ‘perceive’ the information we get is critical for us and our planet to achieve the maximum level of existence possible. Because water makes up 99 percent of our molecules, our ability to ‘perceive’ must be rooted in the water itself. Aalemma develops a crystalline structure in the water that allows your body to become a better ‘radio’. It opens the doors to making your body more aware, connected, and in tune with the natural harmonic rhythms.

We call Aalemma water ‘aware water’ because coherence implies consciousness.


Is it possible to enhance consistent water with minerals, vitamins, or powder supplements?

Yes, all of the supplements indicated above can be added to coherent water without causing it to lose its structure.

Is Aalemma capable of removing toxins and heavy metals from water?

No, Aalemma isn’t a water filtration system. It establishes a logical framework, and it is recommended that Aalemma be used in conjunction with a water filter, if possible, to improve water quality even further.

What is the best way to store Aalemma?

Aalemma must be safeguarded against falling, shaking, or being harmed in any manner. Keep Aalemma safe and secure by storing it in a safe and secure location.

Is the Aalemma required to be exposed to sunlight?

During our years of studying water, we discovered a strong link between the water and the sun. Every day, the electromagnetic properties of the water on our planet change due to the Earth’s position in relation to the Sun. It is not required, although it is advised, to expose the Aalemma to sunshine. If you reside in a sunny place, expose the Aalemma to direct sunshine (not through a window) every other week for a few of minutes.

What is the best way to use Aalemma?

Remove the Aalemma from the casing and submerge it in room temperature water. Swirl the Aalemma through the water for at least 15 seconds if using a standard glass (8-10 ounces). If you’re using a water jug with a capacity of 35 ounces or more, whirl the Aalemma for at least 30 seconds.

Wipe the water drips off the Aalemma with a cloth or paper towel after use and place it back in its case.

The ratios above can be used to calculate the spinning time for any bigger or lower amount of water.

Is it safe to use in the kitchen?

Yes, just make sure Aalemma isn’t submerged in hot liquid.

Will Aalemma lose its properties if I carry it with me on my excursions and have to go through the standard security and X-rays at airports?

We radiated the Aalemma water in a variety of ways to see if it would lose its structure and revert to chaos, but it never did. It maintains in a state of coherence for years after being treated. There are no external negative factors that damage the structure and effectiveness of Aalemma water that we are aware of. X-rays and scans have no effect on Aalemma (we tested many).

Is it possible to store coherent water in plastic or only glass containers?

Both plastic and glass containers can be used to hold coherent water. The material will have no effect on the structure’s coherence.

Can I use Aalemma water to water my plants?

Yes, it comes highly recommended. Many people reported significant improvements in fruit, vegetable, and plant growth, size, quality, and output.

Even though tap water is contained in a crystal glass tube, how does the Aalemma “stuck” influence it to become coherent?

The mother water is contained in an alemma tube. It’s electromagnetically powerful water with high coherence. Any H2O molecules that come close enough to it start to rearrange into a liquid crystalline form.

What is the lifespan of the Aalemma tube?

We put Aalemma to the test over and over again, and it never lost its capacity to shape the water. Time does not appear to be a factor. Aalemma is exceedingly stable, remaining in its coherent condition for an indefinite period of time. You only have to buy it once, and it will last a lifetime if it is not destroyed.

Will it all become coherent if I mix conventional tap water with coherent water?

No, after conventional water is added, Aalemma must be stirred quickly in the new body of water to treat all of the water molecules.

Is Aalemma capable of removing toxins and heavy metals from water?

No, Aalemma isn’t a water filtration system. It establishes a logical framework, and it is recommended that Aalemma be used in conjunction with a water filter, if possible, to improve water quality even further.

Is it possible to use Aalemma in hot tea?

It is not something we recommend. Glass can shatter when it comes into contact with a hot liquid. Simply apply Aalemma before heating the water.

Is it possible to open the tube and apply the water directly to one’s skin? No, you should not attempt to open the vial since you will no longer be able to utilize it. Aalemma is solely for the purpose of CREATING COHERENT WATER. After using Aalemma to treat the water, you can use it in any way you like.

Is it possible to use Aalemma to treat reverse osmosis water?

Yes, Aalemma may be used to treat reverse osmosis water! Mineral water, spring water, filtered water, and so on are all the same.

Is there a difference in swirling direction?

Aalemma’s ability to make cohesive water is unaffected by the direction. We’ve tried both the whirling speed and the swirling direction, and neither of these settings seems to work.

Aalemma’s ability to make cohesive water is unaffected by the direction. We experimented with whirling speed and direction, but neither of these variables seemed to affect the coherent state.

Is it possible to cool or heat coherent water?

Yes, chilling or heating (up to 65 degrees Celsius) has no effect on the structure’s coherence.

Can Aalemma be used with distilled, alkaline, or mineralized water?

Yes, Aalemma can be used with any type of consumable water that is room temperature.

How long does Aalemma keep the water in a coherent form after it has been treated?

Years have passed. Four years later, we checked the water, which had only been treated once, and it had retained its structure.

Years have passed. We tested the water four years later, after it had only been treated once, and it had retained its structure and efficiency.

Is Aalemma safe to use on juices, wine, or beer?

Yes, Aalemma can be used on any consumable beverage at room temperature.

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