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Chinese meals dry tofu salad- Chinese wholesome meals recipe for April 07

Chinese meals dry tofu salad

Chinese meals dry tofu salad


g grated dry tofu




tbsp salt

½ tbsp vinegar

tbsp sugar

tbsp mild soy sauce

pinch of glutamate

pinch of baking soda (xiaosuda)

tbsp sesame oil

cloves garlic 5 minutes






Steps  Chinese meals dry tofu salad:


Put dry grated tofu in a bowl and add the baking soda (xiaosuda). Combine nicely.


Pour scorching water and stir a bit with a pair of chopsticks. Soak for two minutes.


Minimize the carrot and cucumber julienne. Chop the garlic.


Carry water to a boil in a pan, then add the carrot. Blanch for 1 minute.
Take away and wash with just a little water.


Rinse the dry shredded tofu in water. Take away and drain. Then minimize into slices.

6 dry grated tofu salad

Put dry shredded tofu, carrot, cucumber and garlic in a bowl. Then add salt ½ bedrooms,
½ tbsp vinegar, 1 tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp mild soy sauce, 1 pinch of glutamate and
2 tbsp sesame oil .c. Combine nicely and marinate for 10 minutes. Pour It Up.


soaked dry grated tofu in scorching water with baking soda, it makes essentially the most tender
tofu. However not for too lengthy.

It is extremely vital so as to add the sesame oil.

Results and roles of the carrots:

1. Improve resistance: lignin contained in carrots can enhance the immune mechanism to not directly destroy most cancers cells.

2. Decrease blood sugar and blood lipids: the carrot consumption can decrease blood lipids, promote the synthesis of adrenaline, decrease blood strain and strengthen coronary heart operate. Carrot turns into a great  meals for sufferers with hypertension and coronary coronary heart illness.

3. Lighten eyes: the carrot is wealthy in carotene, after getting into the physique, 50% of carotene turns into vitamin A by the motion of the enzyme within the liver and the liner of the small gut, which the the impact of firming the liver to clear eyes, and deal with evening blindness.

4. Tone diaphragm and develop the intestines: plant fiber in carrots could improve gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote metabolism and purgation, and forestall in opposition to most cancers.


Dietary worth of carrots:

1. The carotene is transformed to vitamin A, which performs an vital function within the prevention of epithelial cell carcinogenesis. Carrot lignin can be utilized as an antioxidant, has anti-cancer impact by inhibiting the oxidation of regular cells and defend the physique in opposition to oxidative injury.

2. carotene hematopoietic operate to finish the required blood to the physique, bettering anemia or chilly hyperlipidemia, on the identical time, the carrot is wealthy in potassium.

3. Carrots include spongy vegetable fiber, which is straightforward to abound within the intestines, so it’s the “intestinal filler”.

4. Vitamin A in carrots is crucial for regular bone growth, it may well promote the copy and development of cells.

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