Chinese meals white cabbage

Diet details of Chinese meals white cabbage(per 100 grams)    

Energy (kcal) 27                   Fats (g) 0.2

Calcium (mg) 49                    Niacin (mg) 0.3

Protein (g) 1.5                        Carbohydrates (g) 4.6

Potassium (mg) 124              Phosphorus (mg) 26

Sodium (mg) 27.2                  Magnesium (mg) 12

Vitamin B1 (mg) 0.03             Copper (mg) 0.06

Manganese (mg) 0.19            Carotene (mg) 77

Iron (mg) 0.6                           Vitamin C (mg) 43

Vitamin E (mg) 0.5                  Zinc (mg) 0.28

Vitamin B2 (mg) 0.03              Vitamin A (ug) 12

Selenium (mcg) 0.96               Dietary fiber (g) 1


Dietary worth of Chinese meals white cabbage

1. Cabbage is wealthy in moisture (about 90%), and low in energy, however the energy within the salad of shredded cabbage is 5 occasions larger than cabbage, as a result of usually accommodates oily salad dressings. So those that need to reduce weight by controlling the weight loss plan are higher used to make the low-calorie salad dressings.

2. The very wealthy in potassium and cabbage folic acid, which has an excellent preventive impact on megaloblastic anemia and fetal malformation, due to this fact, pregnant girls and sufferers with anemia ought to eat extra cabbage.

3. The dietary worth of cabbage and Chinese cabbage is sort of the identical, and its vitamin C content material is about twice as Chinese cabbage. As well as, the cabbage is wealthy in folic acid, which is a bonus of Brassica greens. Cabbage is wealthy in vitamin C, vitamin E and β-carotene, and many others. Whole vitamin content material is 3 occasions greater than the tomato.

4. Cabbage is wealthy in vitamin U, which has an excellent therapeutic impact on gastric ulcer, it may speed up wound therapeutic, so the cabbage is an efficient weight loss plan for sufferers with gastric ulcer. Nevertheless, cabbage and different greens, Brassica include a small quantity of gear inflicting goiter (like thiocyanate) which can intrude with the usage of iodine within the thyroid, when the physique has a compensatory response, the gland thyroid turns into larger, and causes goiter. The goitrogenic impact of cabbage consumption may be eradicated by the excessive dietary iodine consumption as iodine tablets, iodized salt, the fish of the sea, seaweed and different seafood.


Chinese meals white cabbage to your pure well being and cures:

1. The sterilizing impact: contemporary cabbage has bactericidal and anti inflammatory. When you might have the throat ache, trauma ache, abdomen ache and tooth ache may be drawn cabbage juice and drink or utilized to the affected space.

2. Enhance the physique’s immune perform: cabbage consumption can improve human immunity and forestall colds.

3. Forestall and towards most cancers: Cabbage consumption could defend life indicators of most cancers. Among the many anti-cancer greens, cabbage is the fifth, which is fairly necessary.

4. Promote digestion: Common consumption of cabbage can improve urge for food, promote digestion and forestall constipation. Cabbage can be an excellent meals for diabetics and overweight.

Not advisable for: Chinese meals cabbage consumption will not be advisable for individuals affected by itching of the pores and skin and ocular hyperemia, cabbage accommodates a great amount of uncooked and onerous fibers, in order that sufferers with chilly spleen and abdomen, diarrhea and young children who’ve a low price shouldn’t eat lots; Those that have an stomach or thoracic surgical procedure, who’ve gastrointestinal ulcers or significantly critical bleeding, affected by diarrhea and liver illness shouldn’t eat.

White cabbage Chinese wholesome nutritious recipes

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