Chinese pure drugs – sileris powder

Sileris powder which seamlessly talk

Conventional therapeutic makes use of

Principal indications : juvenile pimples , boils,
hives, dermatitis

Chinese power , this system is used to
launch the floor ( pores and skin), take away the inner and exterior warmth and disperse
the wind (micro organism )

Related signs: dry and bitter mouth ,
constipation , darkish urine, pink tongue with a greasy yellow coating , fast
pulse, or broad and tight and slippery



As sileris powder in China this
system may be in numerous varieties and at numerous totally different ranges , it’s
essential to comply with the producer’s suggestions. It is usually essential to
take excessive dosages . Historically , it is strongly recommended that 3 grams of powdered
plant , 3 times per day. It’s usually somewhat recent ginger added on the
time to soak up the preparation.



Zits begins in puberty when intercourse hormones
stimulate sebum manufacturing. This era of progress generates inner warmth
inflicting Humidity Warmth on the pores and skin the place pimples . If this pure stage of life
, along with elements that improve the inner warmth as too fats weight loss program, too
candy and too spicy , vital private issues , sickness or hereditary
elements , {the teenager} is discovered to confronted with an issue of serious pimples.
Fang feng tong sheng san tackles pimples bettering total well being. The usage of an
ointment buttons and a wholesome pores and skin enhance remedy success .


Historical past

This system is talked about within the Huang Di Su
Wen Xuan Ming Lun Fang, written by Liu Yuan Su work in 1172 .



Contraindications in instances of Empty Warmth (
scorching flashes , night time sweats , fever at night time, frequent awakenings in the course of the
night time and issue getting again to sleep ) .Maintain out of attain of kids.

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Title pin yin

Fang Feng

Ma Huang

Pharmaceutical title

Radix ledebourellae divaricatae

Herba ephedra ( Ephedra )

Therapeutic actions

Expels Wind Chilly and Damp

Promotes the diffusion of Power Lung, releases biao (pores and skin)

Jiu Da Huang

Rhizoma Rhei and Radix (root and rhizome of rhubarb cooked in wine)

Promotes the circulation of blood , clears Warmth and eliminates toxins

Mang Xiao

Mirabilitum ( sodium sulphate pure )

Clears Warmth by purgation

Bo He

Herba mentha (mint, aerial components )

Relaxes the liver, diminished liver warmth

Jing Jie

Herba seu flos schizonepetae tenuifoliae

Expels Wind Warmth and eliminates toxins

Zhi Zi

Gardeniae jasminoidis Fructus ( fruit of gardenia )

Drains Warmth and Humidity Liver and Gallbladder

Hua Shi

Talcum (talc )

Clears Warmth Humidity by the urinary tract

Lian Giao

Fructus Forsythiae suspensae ( forsythia fruit )

Disperse the exterior warmth and eliminates toxins

Shi Gao

Fibrosum gypsum (gypsum)

Clears Warmth and disperses the sunshine , searching anxiousness and removes the thirst

Huang Qin

Radix Scutellariae ( skullcap root )

Drains Warmth and Humidity , antibacterial and antiviral

Jie Geng

Radix Platycodi grandiflori ( Chinese bellflower root )

Purified Lung-Warmth and pores and skin

Chuan Xiong

Radix ligustici wallichi ( lovage root )

Takes away the ache , the blood circulates

Dang Gui

Radix Angelicae sinensis ( Chinese angelica root )

Invigorates the blood , circulates the blood

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