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Chinese world and Chinese culture

The Chinese world is composed of all the countries of the world who are mostly of Chinese culture. Chinese world therefore includes:

China (中国 1.4 billion), including Hong Kong (香港 7 million) and Macau (澳門, 520,000);

Taiwan (台灣 23 million);

Singapore (新加坡, 5 million).

This Chinese world also had a strong historical influence, religion and culture of countries such as Japan (127 million), North and South Korea (75 million) and Vietnam (90 million). These three countries also all wrote with Chinese characters once.

The Chinese in the world

China, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore have used and still use at least part of the Chinese characters. South Korea uses the most only marginally, even if a thousand characters are still taught in school. Vietnam and North Korea hardly use (this is limited to a few temples and lunar holidays).

China is officially speak Mandarin, but also many other languages ​​(mainly Wu, Cantonese for Hans), the autonomous regions have their own official languages ​​in addition to Mandarin (Mongolian, Uyghur, Tibetan, etc.) and different dialects of these languages; Taiwan and Singapore, is officially speaks Mandarin and many Minnan (also used on the mainland). In Hong Kong (former British concession) and Macao (former Portuguese concession), one speaks Cantonese and since the handover to China, increasingly Mandarin.


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