Chinese pure medicine-Emperors tea capsule

Particular emperors tea capsule to tone the guts

Conventional therapeutic makes use of

Predominant indications: insomnia, frequent
awakenings, catnap, nervousness, palpitations, mouth sores, reminiscence loss, problem
concentrating, nervous fatigue, withdrawal of sleeping drugs, tranquilizers,

In Chinese well being philosophy, this
preparation is used to deal with nourish Yin of coronary heart  and kidney ,primarily due
to psychological hyperactivity.

Related signs: pink tongue close to the



As this emperors tea capsule system is in several
types and at numerous dosages, it is very important comply with the producer’s
suggestions. Yin tonic ought to be taken for 3 to 6 months. Secure lengthy
time period.



Stress, strain, extreme worries and
issues damage the Coronary heart and Kidneys and depleted Blood and Essence, Jing. Void
Blood Coronary heart causes palpitations, nervousness and reminiscence failures. The depletion of
blood causes hyperactivity, Hearth Coronary heart, the place insomnia or unrefreshing sleep,
and problem concentrating. Firming Yin, Essence and Coronary heart, nourishing the
blood, preparation permits Jing, Water Kidney, to extinguish the fireplace of the
coronary heart to the Spirit once more turn out to be calm and quiet.


This system is beneficial for individuals utilizing
anti-anxiety, psychotic, antidepressant, to counteract the unintended effects of
these medication and restore well being sooner.


Historical past

This system is cited within the quantity She
Sheng Mi (secret research to achieve well being) written by the well-known doctor Hong
Ji (Jiu-You) in 1638. The creator stated to have acquired the revelation in a dream
of the heavenly Emperor himself. That is the story that comes the title of the



The unique system accommodates conventional
Zhu Sha (cinnabar) which features a mercury salt. This product has been banned
in Canada.

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Identify Chinese pin yin

Pharmaceutical title

Therapeutic actions

Sheng Di Huang

Radix rehmanniae glutinosae ( Chinese foxglove root )

Nourishes Yin , looking Warmth Coronary heart and Kidneys

Dang Gui

Radix Angelicae sinensis ( Chinese angelica root )

Nourishes blood , invigorates the guts

Wu Wei Zi

Fructus schizandrae chinensis ( fruit of scizandra )

Invigorate kidney and coronary heart

Suan Zao Ren

Semen ziziphi spinosae ( jujube seed )

Calms the thoughts , nourishes the Coronary heart

Bai Zi Ren

Semen biotae orientalis ( seed thuja )

Calms the thoughts , nourishes the Coronary heart

Tian Males Dong

Tuber asparagi cochinchinensis (stalk of asparagus )

Nourishes Yin , looking Warmth

Might Males Dong

Tuber Ophiopogonis japonici ( lily stalk )

Nourishes Yin , looking Warmth

Xuan Shen

Radix scrofulariae ningpoensis ( root scrophulaire )

Nourishes Yin , looking Warmth

Dan Shen

Radix salviae miltiorrhizae (root sage )

Strikes blood , calm the spirit

Fu Ling

Poriae Sclerotium cocos ( filamentous fungus )

Quiet Coronary heart and Spirit

Jie Geng

Radix Platycodi grandiflori ( bellflower root of China)

Different crops led to the Higher Foyer

Yuan Zhi

Polygalae tenuifoliae Radix ( Polygala root )

Calm the spirit

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