Is Filmora iOS available ?Wondershare Filmora is a powerful multimedia editing software available on Windows and Mac that allows quick video editing regardless of user level.

For Windows and Mac computers, Filmora is open, while the company’s FilmoraGo mobile app is free to download for both iOS and Android devices.

The “Easy Mode” of Filmora strips away the complexities so that in a matter of minutes you can drag and drop video clips, add some music, and create a completed video. The FilmoraGo app has all of these features, plus an Effect Store where you can integrate preset intros, themes, and transitions into your video production.

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Features Filmora iOS 

Simple and fast

Its interface is easy to use thanks to the addition of simplified content by dragging and dropping directly into the dashboard. On the timeline, you can easily view the various video clips added to your montage, thanks to the representation images. Note that the software supports multi-track and that the soundtrack is materialized as a wave to facilitate its clipping or offset from the video frame.

Filmora Video Editor is also aimed at more advanced users since this software has advanced options that allow you to enhance your videos by combining them with music, text and special effects. Also, this software integrates a multi-screen PIP (picture in picture) tool that allows you to place several videos in the same frame.

You can add many effects to your videos: transitions, text, music, animations, stickers, etc.

Filmora also allows you to cut your videos and manage the pieces obtained: move, delete. You can also improve your video in terms of removing audio noise and checking image quality. Green screens are also supported by the software.


Integrated resources

Filmora has many resources to help you with your creation. Indeed you will be able to find there more than 300 effects like filters of color and movement or dynamic transitions.

You will also have access to an entire library of royalty-free music.

There are many resources available, but what if they are not enough for you? No worries because you will have access to Filmstock the Wondershare video effects store!

Once you’ve edited it, you can export it to different file formats, share it on Vimeo, YouTube, and smartphones, or burn it to DVD.

For smartphone video enthusiasts, note that a free licensed FilmoraGo application can be downloaded from the PlayStore for Android and from the AppStore for iPhone.


Filmora Wondershare programs

Filmora has different programs. Each of them has functions adapted to a type of use. It’s easy to use and its intuitive interface appeals to all categories of users. You will navigate without difficulty between the features. All the steps to achieve an excellent result are provided with the software.

Editing a video allows you to embellish your moments. Indeed, Filmora allows you to add effects, titles, transitions between two shots. You can also cut or delete unwanted sequences.

Filmora Wondershare software is available as follows:

Filmora Pro
Filmora Scrn

Filmora9 Video Editor: simplicity for quality rendering

Filmora released its latest version 9.5 on June 11, 2020. In addition to the basic functionality, this one brings its share of improvements. 14 new filters complete those already available. Renderings are progressing rapidly. Solutions are offered if the program slows down.

Filmora9 has an easy to use interface. The software can accompany you step by step according to your level. The editing tools displayed are efficient. 100 tracks will be available for your videos. The advantage of drag and drop will facilitate your manipulations. You will take and drag a video to the desired track.

It is possible to cut or trim a track. The application can detect scenes automatically. This will make it easier to merge or overlap videos. The number of tracks can support ten media. Cropping and color management are also available to you.

You will have more than 480 effect models. Filters, effects, overlays will be offered to improve your video. You can modify them as you wish. The effects are also added on the tracks. The Timeline will define the trigger moment. The possibility of using themes will also delight you. You will be able to create videos with the Christmas theme for example.

Insertion of titles or text is possible. This is very useful for tutorial videos. The program also has a library of sound effects. Music and sounds are there to give rhythm to your videos. You will be able to record videos, sounds or other types of media. All formats are possible. 4K resolution is available for your work.

These advantages clearly demonstrate Filmora9’s ambitions. You have access to professional tools. A preview will be available. This will allow you to evaluate your work. You will therefore have the opportunity to correct or change your project before finishing.

FilmoraPro: more customizable features

FilmoraPro software and Filmora9 have the same functionality. The handling is also similar. The difference lies in the control over the tools.

Filmora9 emphasizes simplicity. The effects are based on predefined templates. In FilmoraPro, you have full control over them. You can customize them to predefined or fully adjustable settings. You can include an assembly by exploding for example.

The Key Image System is used to control and animate your media settings. You will adjust the colors and luminosities thanks to the wheels and chromatic curves. The audio compressor helps to even out the intensity of the sound. This guarantees consistency on the result.

The noise reduction function helps to remove wind or crowd. The transitions make the passages between two sounds fluid. The quality of your achievements is close to those of professionals.

For more customizable options, FilmoraPro is an option. But it is more for an advanced user. You will notice Filmora’s compatibility with social networks. Thus, you will export your video clips or films on the desired platform.

Filmstocks: Filmora’s library

Filmstocks is Filmora’s online store. It has all video effects, and media in stock. All these resources are free of rights. You can therefore use them without restriction.

Access to Filmstock can be done directly from Filmora9. Other video editing programs, such as Adobe After Effects, also have access to the library. Filmstocks has an official website, accessible via the internet.

To use an effect or an audio track, you will need to download them. You will also need to use the latest version of Filmora9 (version 9.1 or later).

Filmora Scrn: record your screen?

Currently, screen capture has become a common practice. You want to record a tutorial video to software directly from your computer. This is possible with Filmora Scrn.

It is also used in the event of retransmission of part of video games. Video capture supports very high speed image scrolling (15 to 120 frames per second). You can change the size and color of your cursor.

The editing suite is complete. You will edit your videos quickly with the tools. The insertion of circles or arrows will be suitable for tutorials. The texts will serve as a support for viewing. You will choose the part of your screen to record. PIP functionality is also available.

You can add other external media and 50 formats are compatible with Filmora Scrn. Simultaneous video capture is available. You will record directly from your screen and your webcam.

FilmoraGo: the mobile solution

FilmoraGo is Filmora Wondershare’s mobile and tablet application. It offers the insertion of a theme to your videos. Wedding, 80s theme, and more are available. You have the classic editing tools.

You can cut or trim a video. You are allowed to adjust the aspect ratio or the crop. It is possible to create fast-motion or slow-motion videos. You can reverse the direction of the clip as you wish.

Adding sounds is also doable. You can insert sound effect, music or your own voice. The adjustment of your audio tracks is up to you. The PIP functionality also runs on FilmoraGo. The PIP is the possibility of superimposing two different clips.

Obviously, the mobile app has less functionality. But Filmora’s friendly and straightforward spirit is still there.

In conclusion

Filmora is a very powerful video editing software, with which you can cut a video as well as take video screenshots (new in version 9) thanks to the recording tool of your screen.

Note: Filmora is available in a trial version for Mac and Windows, the version is not restricted and allows you to have full access to all the features. Then several types of licenses are available.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor Free Download

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