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Hakka Chinese meals

Hakka Chinese meals

The kitchen Hakka Chinese meals (Chinese: 客家 菜; pinyin: kejia CAI) additionally known as in Chinese, 东江 菜, Dongjiang Cai, the kitchen is created and practiced by the Chinese minority Hakka (Kejia rén, 客家人) or “households invited or guests “. They’re Han Chinese residing in south-east China, primarily within the provinces of Guangdong and Fujian, who take into account the distant descendants of refugees from the northern provinces. They historically dwell within the mountains the place they needed to work onerous to outlive.

Vacationers immigrants from the far North China, the Hakka typically carried their meals, conservation is making the type of salted or dried. Hakka delicacies is nutritious: salty, fragrant, greasy, oily and cooked. It’s easy and restricted to a style by dish: candy, salty, bitter and bitter. Cooking is easy with little ornament; the cooking time may be lengthy. Rice manufacturing is proscribed within the mountains, they use a lot candy potatoes, taro roots and yams. The commonest dishes embody plenty of offal. The meat and fish are fairly uncommon.

The Hakka cooking just isn’t regional delicacies however fairly an ethnic delicacies. This kitchen is widespread in south-east China and in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia.

consultant dishes [edit | modify the code]

salt crust Hen (Dongjiang yán jú jī, 東江 鹽 焗 雞)

duck full of glutinous rice (Nuo mǐ yā, 糯米 鴨)

Bouillon floor beef dumplings (niúròu wánzǐ Tang 牛肉 丸子 汤)

Slices of pork alternated with preserved mustard greens (Kou Rou, 扣肉)

Fondue Hakka (pén Cai 盆菜)

Tofu full of minced pork (Niang dòufǔ, 豆腐)

stuffed tofu pot (Dongjiang Niang dòufǔ, 東江 釀 豆腐 煲)

Drink comprised of a mix of pounded inexperienced tea, peanuts, mint, and many others. (Léi chá, 擂茶)


Pulp and tapioca yam-shaped abacus (suan pánzǐ, 算盘 子) may be cooked with minced rooster, pork, shrimp or greens

Mesona jelly, herb associated to the mint (xiān cǎo, 仙草)

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