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Lotus roots tomatoes— Chinese food nutritious healthy recipes

Lotus roots tomatoes

Ingredients lotus roots tomatoes

slice of lotus root


orange a little cucumber

 2 tbsp almonds


tbsp salt

tbsp of sauce gribiche



Cut the top of the tomato, remove the pulp to form a tomato bowl.

Peel the lotus root and cut into cubes. Then soak them in a little water with
salt. Remove and put in hot water. Blanch and remove.

Cut the orange in half. half cut into cubes and squeeze the other half to form
orange juice.

Put the diced orange and lotus root in a container, add honey. Mix well.

Place the well mixed diced tomato in the bowl, pour orange juice, black sesame
and chick sauce. Finally, cut the cucumber into thin pieces and place them
below the tomato bowl. Serve.

Nutritional value of Chinese food lotus root

1. The Lotus root contains vitamin and trace elements, especially a high content of vitamin K, vitamin C, iron and potassium. The lotus root also contains rich in tannic acid, plant fiber and vitamin B12.

2. The lotus root contains the slender protein and food fibers, which can unite with the bile salts from the body.

3. Calorie lotus root is as much that of potato. The content of carbohydrate and fat is low and the protein content is a little high.

Chinese food lotus root for your natural health and cures:

1. Prevention of anemia: it can help prevent anemia and liver movement.

2. One effect of stopping the needle: lotus root has a treatment effect against hemorrhagic purpura and bleeding caused by heat in blood.

3. An improvement belly: tannin has an anti-inflammatory and astringent effect and improved fatigue belly. Lotus root contains a saccharide-protein mucin. This protein can promote digestion of protein and fat, and it can relieve stomach.

4. Promote the formation of ossein and force the lining of the stomach.

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