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Is Bluefin Fitness worth to own? The company & Top 10 best seller products review

Is Bluefin Fitness worth to own? The company & Top 10 best seller products review

Founded in 2013 in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire (UK), Bluefin Fitness presents itself as the UK’s leading supplier of vibrating platforms and massage equipment for health-conscious individuals on a daily basis.Read this Bluefin Fitness review to discover more.

Bluefin Fitness has gradually made a name for itself in the vibro shapers market, firstly thanks to the absence of major European players, but also thanks to effective communication, centered on conviviality, the human side and customer service. responsive and reassuring … an essential quality in this market which offers machines which are not particularly well known to users. Weeza has tested the products of this vibrating platform brand to help you make an informed choice.

Bluefin Fitness: a young British firm that is doing well

There is no real need to go back over the history of Bluefin Tech, the British firm that only saw the light of day in 2013. With modest beginnings as a reseller of various sports equipment, mainly imported from China, from Taiwan and the countries of the East, Bluefin Tech has gradually specialized in the niche of vibrating platforms or vibro shapers, constant a big gap between the American (and Canadian) craze for these machines and the relative ignorance of the concept on the Old Continent.

The company has banked on proximity to customers through responsive support, both by phone, on the site but also on social networks. Reviews posted on social networks get a response within the day, as a rule, which has allowed the brand to build a great online community, or even ambassadors who promote its products through discount coupons, exclusive tests and goodies bearing the image of Bluefin Fitness.

In addition to vibrating platforms, Bluefin Fitness also offers connected multi-function presses, ellipticals, connected electric treadmills and multi-function reclining benches for weight training.

The vibrating platforms offered by Bluefin Fitness

Beyond its efficient customer service, Bluefin has learned from its mistakes and today offers interesting machines. It must be said that the beginnings of the brand were more than laborious, with products made in China without guarantee. Today, Bluefin is committed to quality with guaranteed products and an attractive price-quality ratio. The range of vibrating platforms Bluefin Fitness offers vibro shapers with vertical, oscillating and elliptical vibrations to satisfy all profiles, from the confirmed athlete to the patient in rehabilitation, including of course the main target: individuals who wish to improve their physical condition. , lose weight, work on their silhouette and prevent the negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle.

The vibrating platforms offered by Bluefin Fitness do not reinvent hot water … far from it. They are nonetheless complete and versatile, bringing together the features most sought after by users, sometimes with some good surprises. The vibro shapers signed Bluefin Fitness offer for example:

  • Dual motors, generally twice 500 W;
  • Integrated speakers with Bluetooth connectivity;
  • A remote control to control the vibrating platform from a distance;
  • Some models offer three vibration technologies: horizontal, vertical and 3D movement (horizontal and vertical);
  • Anti-slip surface for safer use;
  • On average, a Bluefin Fitness vibrating platform offers 180 difficulty levels and half a dozen automatic programs to get started.

The Bluefin Fitness vibro shapers also come with a series of accessories to improve the intensity of the training and allow a harmonious development of the body. Your Bluefin Fitness vibrating platform will therefore be shipped to you with adjustable resistance cables that attach securely to the vibrator shaper to allow you to diversify the exercises and work most of your muscles. You will also receive training guides with pro tips and tutorials to train safely.

Feature products

We have tested 10 most popular & bestseller models of Blue Fitness products for you:

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Bluefin Fitness Ultra Slim

The Bluefin Fitness Ultra Slim vibrating platform: this entry-level model offers 5 automatic programs and 180 intensity levels. It packs decent quality Bluetooth speakers and a bright touchscreen LCD display. This model comes with a remote control to control programs from a distance. This model allows only linear vertical vibration;

Bluefin Fitness 3D double motor vibrating and oscillating platform

This is a more posh model that offers three types of movements: linear vertical vibrations, oscillating vibrations and a 3D movement combining the two types of vibrations. This vibrating platform features two quiet motors, a large, bright LCD display and Bluetooth 4.0 speakers. We appreciate the little attention of the English firm that delivers a UK power cable but also EU to avoid unpleasant surprises and additional purchases;

4D vibrating platform

This top-of-the-range model is equipped with three silent motors (3 x 500 W) and allows a fitness by 4D oscillation. We appreciate the non-slip surface, the wristwatch remote control and the large LCD touch screen;

Bluefin Fitness Pro Sport vibrating platform

It is a powerful machine equipped with a silent motor with a good output power (3 900 W). It comes with straps, programs and some adjustment tools.

Bluefin SUP Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board

The Bluefin Sprint SUP is the ultimate race Stand Up Paddle Board package available on the market. Our iSUP kits come with everything needed for beginner and experienced paddle boarders.

BlueFin Supboards 

Bluefin Cruise SUP Package Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board

This next generation SUP offering enhanced special features & modifications. The FRS (Flex Reduction System) benefits from carbon-railing construction; furthermore, a separate central-inflation loop chamber ensures an ultra-rigid & high-pressure board that is stronger & sturdier than ever before.

Bluefin Fitness treadmill

Here is a beautiful little marvel of technology! This treadmill complements your vibration platform to allow you to work your cardiovascular system and accelerate weight loss to reach your goals in record time and without compromising your health;

Bluefin Fitness Elliptical Trainers

This trainer is compatible with the Kinomap fitness app – featuring thousands of training videos from around the world, coaching & training classes & structured workouts.The Curv 2.0 improves your balance & offers a great conditioning workout following injury. Work your upper body and lower body in tandem & benefit from advanced features such as the whisper-quiet silent drive system.

Bluefin Fitness Rower Machine Blade Home Gym Foldable

This Rowing Machine provides a realistic rowing experience for your home gym. Arrives part assembled & fully loaded with the latest design features. You can easily stow the magnetic rower away when not in use by gently lifting the base, which rotates on its axis & stands fully upright.

  BlueFin Fitness - Work Out Solutions at Home


Bluefin Fitness Tour 5.0 Exercise Bike

 The streamlined & compact Bluefin Fitness Tour 5.0 Exercise Bike provides a low-impact cardio exercise experience for your home gym. Arrives part assembled & fully loaded with the latest design features. The base unit comes fitted with durable wheels and is easily transportable around the home when not in use.

Bluefin Fitness Drum Massage Gun

This Drumm Massage Gun help recover muscles & relieve tension before, after & during your workout.The preferred choice for athletes, personal trainers, coaches, physios & physical therapists throughout the world. The stylish T-1 massage gun offers unrivalled relaxation & recovery for deep muscle tissue without the loud noise of other devices: Only 50db – quieter than regular conversation!


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