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Happy Sport & Detox: Personal development and sport to get back in shape

With three simple fundamental elements, the sporta Healthy eating and an positive attitudeHappy Sport & Detox offers stays for get in shape and take care of yourself. The retreats take place in small groups and in places that invite you to find theharmony between your body and your mind. If you are looking for a wellness stay over a few days, here may be the perfect solution!

The philosophy of Happy Sport & Detox

Happy Sport & Detox chose its name well, considering sport as a real medicine against stress. It indeed produces endorphins, which are often called “happiness hormones”, allowing to treat feelings of ill-being, obsessive disorders and even depression.

Welcome joy (Photo: Happy Sport & Detox)

To benefit from all the benefits of these retreats, you must of course have a positive attitude and thoughts, the second fundamental point that will be at the heart of the stay. You will learn to bathe in joy and lasting happiness. Finally, diet plays a crucial role. The goal is not to follow a drastic diet or to deprive yourself, but to enjoy vitaminized and balanced detoxifying meals. During the retreat, you rebalance your metabolism with an alkaline menu, rich in vegetables, dried and fresh fruits. A deep cleaning that will show on the outside !

Rejuvenating places (Photo: Happy Sport & Detox)

Sport and personal development

Running session (Photo: Happy Sport & Detox)

During Happy Sport & Detox stays, three to five hours of sport are planned daily. The activities are varied in order to discover various sports practices: kitesurfing, yoga, tai chi, HIIT, pilates… while working on different parts of the body. Depending on the location and the speakers, the activities will focus on muscle strengthening, cardiovascular training or even relaxation. Some sessions are gentle while others are more intense, but always adapted to each level.

Meditation (Photo: Happy Sport & Detox)

Sessions of personal development coaching are also scheduled during the stay. They allow you toestablish your own positive rituals to boost your self-confidence on a daily basis. By focusing on the three pillars of Happy Sport Detox (sport, nutrition and a positive attitude), you will be able to develop healthy and sustainable leadership. For parents tempted to get back in shape with Happy Sport & Detox, the organizer Carra Sutherland, also a mother, has thought of everything! Children are welcome and have fun with a team of qualified babysitters duringactivities specially planned for them.

Intermittent fasting and alkaline cooking

A soothing view (Photo: Happy Sport & Detox)

At Happy Sport & Detox, the menus are alkaline, made from regional and seasonal products. They are rich in essential nutrients for rebalance your metabolismregulate the level of acidity in the blood and re-energize you. This type of diet helps to regain a balanced diet while freeing oneself from superfluous kilos. More concretely, the meals will be rich in vegetables, dried and fresh fruits, which promotes the natural elimination of toxins. Don’t think you’re starving, the diet isn’t drastic. It’s about learning how to indulge yourself with the right ingredients.

Freshness at the table (Photo: Happy Sport & Detox)

In order to stimulate body cleansing and detoxification, it will be necessary to refrain from eating after dinner until brunch the next day. A minimum of twelve hours of daily fasting are necessary for the organism to purify itself in depth and give it a little rest. This practice of intermittent fasting is very widespread, especially among athletes. Happy Sport & Detox has developed its own method, simple and effective, without counting calories.

The dates

  • July 11 to 16, 2021 – At Domaine des Clos, Provence (full)
  • July 30 to August 6, 2021 – At Château les Garennes, Brittany
  • September 19 to 25, 2021 – At the Château des Tourelles, Pornichet
  • October 17 to 23, 2021 – At the Château des Tourelles, Pornichet
  • November 9 to 16, 2021 – A La Crique Hotel & Spa, Dakhla, Morocco
  • December 7 to 14, 2021 – A La Crique Hotel & Spa, Dakhla, Morocco

Other dates to come. Consult us.

Find the interview with Carra, passionate about well-being, on our site.

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