We have been talking for several years about connected mirrors, but projects are struggling to materialize. Connected mirrors are starting to hit the market. Few currently, these new products will delight those who like to spend time in their bathroom. The HiMirror is for women. She will know how to analyze their skin and give them beauty tips.

“Mirror, my beautiful mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful.” Failing to magically flatter the person who owns it, the connected mirror HiMirror gives him beauty tips by capturing his face naturally using a built-in camera. He analyzes the complexion to detect wrinkles, brown spots, bags under the eyes and other imperfections, after which he gives advices to better treat them on his screen of 14 inches.   HiMirror is not the first connected mirror to see the light of day, but it’s the first to hit the mainstream market (in the US at the moment), for a whopping $ 189. The system is able to track the evolution of the face over several days and can manage up to 6 different profiles. It also takes into account the various beauty products used: it is enough to scan their barcode to integrate them into its database, after which it checks over time whether they are effective or not.

HiMirror, the first intelligent beauty mirror

HiMirror is certainly not a connected mirror like the others. Equipped with a camera, it will be able to analyze the face of the person in front of the mirror. The mirror will then be able to recognize small skin imperfections, often related to age, such as brown spots, bags under the eyes, wrinkles and others. By knowing precisely the location of these areas on their faces, women will be able to use the proper makeup and care to mitigate these different brands. A step closer to connected beauty.

Once the facial analysis done, HiMirror will give a lot of information on the skin of the face of his user. Firmness, complexion, texture, brightness, etc., in the form of a graphic easy to understand. Advice will then be lavished by the mirror to erase its imperfections. She will also dig into her database to recommend a particular product.

HiMirror smart health the first mirror connected to the service of women's beautyA follow-up of the condition of the face

HiMiror comes with an application, compatible with Android and iOS devices. Thus, the system will allow the day-to-day tracking of the evolution of the face of the user of the connected mirror. It will then be possible to judge the effectiveness of a product over time. To add a new beauty product just scan its barcode. All data collected by the mirror is secure and stored in the cloud. An internet connection is required. Security side, it is possible to affix a small cache on the camera for those who fear piracy of it and access to the mirror can be protected by voice or facial recognition.

Multimedia side requires, the mirror can stream music from Spotify and display the weather and the UV index of the day and the rate of air pollution. It can be connected to a smartphone (iOS or Android) for a follow-up throughout the day, and even offers video tutorials to learn how to better deal with his face. It can also be connected with a connected scale of the same manufacturer, in which case it also displays the current weight, the fat content and the objectives to be achieved if there are any.

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