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9 Reasons to Make Martis Camp Your Lake Tahoe Home

While many exclusive Lake Tahoe neighborhoods offer the finest mountain living, one opulent enclave goes above and beyond what one might hope for in a Lake Tahoe community. For those searching for their ideal mountain home, Martis Camp, which is situated on the backside of Northstar California Ski Resort, just beyond Truckee, is the ideal location. With year-round activities and luxurious amenities beyond your wildest expectations, Martis Camp provides access to golf, water sports, hiking, bicycling, and luxurious residences.

Why do we love Make Martis Camp so much?

1) The Family Barn: The Family Barn is the enormous red heart of the Martis Camp community. The Family Barn is a gathering spot for people of all ages with a full basketball court, two bowling lanes, an Art Loft with equipment for various medium, pinball games, a movie theater, and a swimming pool. Top-tier performers perform in sparkling-light outdoor concerts in an outdoor amphitheater, and a family-friendly restaurant offers delicious sundaes and milkshakes along with comfort food.

2) The Camp Lodge: This 50,000 square foot space serves as Martis Camp’s second throbbing heart. There is an adults-only lap pool, a sumptuous spa with a boutique stocked with the newest fashion brands and top fashion labels, a bistro, a friendly bar (with excellent craft cocktails), and changing rooms and lounges for men and women where attendants serve tea, coffee, and sweet snacks.

3) Ski Access:The “Martis Camp Express” high-speed ski lift, available only to Martis Camp residents, whisks them straight to the black and blue runs at Northstar California Ski Resort. Green trail enthusiasts also have unique access to Northstar Village’s fire road, which allows them to avoid traffic on State Route 267.

4) A Magnificent Golf Course: Before the home was developed, Tom Fazio was able to construct his course plan and made strategic use of the area for scenic advantage. Club facilities, parks, bike routes, and houses were added subsequently. The immaculate 7,751-yard golf course provides breathtaking vistas of the mountains.

5) Activities Galore: Tennis and pickleball courts, a soccer field, an aerial adventure course, 26 miles of kid-friendly bike trails, an 18-hole golf putting park that adheres to the same rules as the main course, a trout-stocked pond, a fishing area, and several small parks with kid-friendly play equipment are all features of Martis Camp.

6) The Beach Shack: Without lake access, no residence in the Lake Tahoe area could be considered complete; to get to Martis Camp, one must go through the Beach Shack, where the word “shack” is used quite loosely. A trademark of the whole Martis Camp community, this modest, private lakefront estate has lounge chairs, water sports equipment, a bar, valet parking, and an exclusive food truck.

7) The Lost Library: There is an extensive collection of books for readers of all ages in this quaint lodge in the woods, lighted by a fireplace. A coffee maker, games, a variety of newspapers, and a huge assortment of M&Ms for takeout are also available. It’s a unique location, serene and cozy.

8) The Homes: There are 671 houses in the gated enclave of Martis Camp, which spans 2,177 acres, with lots varying in size from 1/3 to 4 acres. Here, “cookie cutter” doesn’t exist; every house is uniquely created based on a variety of architectural specifications. Styles vary from glass-walled contemporary to half-timbered Craftsman, featuring views of the golf course, woodland, or mountains.

9) The Staff: Many people who have known the Camp Martis team for many years see many of the staff members as family. Their warmth, hospitality, and unwavering assistance are essential components of Martis Camp’s enchantment.

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How to arrive at Martis Camp

Arriving at Martis Camp, located on the backside of Northstar California Ski Resort near Truckee, can be an exciting journey. Here’s a guide on how to get there:

By Car:

  1. From Truckee:
    • If you are coming from Truckee, start by heading south on Highway 267.
    • Follow the signs for Northstar California Resort.
  2. Entering Northstar:
    • As you approach Northstar, follow the signs for the resort.
    • You may enter Northstar through the main entrance.
  3. Proceed to Backside:
    • Once inside Northstar, follow the directions to the backside of the resort.
  4. Martis Camp Entrance:
    • Look for signs indicating the entrance to Martis Camp.
    • The entrance is typically well-marked.

By Air:

  1. Nearest Airport:
    • The nearest major airport to Truckee is Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO).
  2. Car Rental or Transportation:
    • Rent a car at the airport or arrange for transportation to Truckee.
    • Various car rental agencies operate at the airport.
  3. From Reno to Martis Camp:
    • Head north on Interstate 580 N and US-395 N from E Plumb Ln.
    • Take Exit 1 for I-80 W toward Sacramento.
    • Continue on I-80 W and take Exit 188B for CA-267 N toward Northstar Drive.
  4. Entering Northstar and Martis Camp:
    • Follow the signs for Northstar California Resort.
    • Once inside Northstar, proceed to the backside where Martis Camp is located.

GPS Coordinates:

  • If you’re using GPS, you can enter the specific coordinates for Martis Camp for accuracy:
    • Latitude: 39.2844° N
    • Longitude: 120.1350° W

Transportation Services:

  • Consider using local transportation services or shuttle companies that operate in the Truckee and North Lake Tahoe area. Some companies provide transportation to and from airports.

Local Tips:

  • Always check for any road closures, especially during winter, as the region can experience snowfall and road conditions may vary.
  • Follow road signs diligently, especially those leading to Northstar California Resort and Martis Camp.

Before your journey, it’s recommended to check real-time traffic updates, weather conditions, and any potential road closures to ensure a smooth and safe trip to Martis Camp.


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