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Greedy little berry, blueberry seduce you with its beautiful blue-black color and fragrant taste, slightly sweet and tangy. Fruit of wild plant gradually cultivated blueberries evokes the old jams but also offers, through its fresh flavors, floral and woody, a wide range of culinary possibilities.

The flesh is juicy blueberry and soft. Its characteristic aroma can not be forgotten anytime soon!

It has a color ranging from blue-black to blue-violet. In France, we find two types of blueberries:

wild, hence it is called blueberry or black brimbelle;

cultivated, it is called blueberry shrub or blueberry.

Taste the nature and let the flavors explode in the mouth, or Accommodate it in dishes and cakes.

Low in calories, bilberry is provided in fiber and vitamin C, as well as varied minerals.

Bilberry is available from June to September.


Fragile, bilberry should be chosen intact and no bruises on the skin. It is marketed mostly in trays of 125 grams: to observe the following to ensure that no fruit is not crushed or faded. A crushed fruit indeed accelerates the degradation of all the fruits contained therein.

The maturity of blueberries will mark their aroma and blue coloration supported side stalk.


Bilberry is one of the less fragile berries. Sheltered in their trays and fresh, blueberries will keep up to a week.

In trade, the blueberries are usually presented in punnets of 125 grams. There are also containers 150 and 300 grams.


Oven casserole

In the pan, allow twenty minutes on low heat.

Oven, fifteen minutes is enough.

Realize crystallized blueberries! Dip blueberries in egg white. Roll them in granulated sugar and let them dry in the air, spread on a plate. Forget them 2 to 3 hours. A bit of patience ! They are chewable like candy!

Blueberry health benefits nutrition facts

Calories (kcal per 100 g)       60.2

Proteins (g per 100 g)          0.647

Carbohydrate (g per 100 g)   11.6

Lipids (g per 100 g)              0.243


Vitamin C (mg per 100 g)      14.6

Vitamin E (mg per 100 g)           1

Vitamin B3 (mg per 100 g)    0.406


Potassium (mg per 100 g)      84.3

Phosphorus (mg per 100 g)    13.3

Calcium (mg per 100g)             10

Trace elements

Zinc (mg per 100 g)              0.187

Iron (mg per 100 g)               0.427

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