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Jing Wan Hong (Ching Wan Hung) in burn treatment


Traditional therapeutic uses

Main indications: treatment of burns caused by fire, boiling water, steam, hot oil, electricity, sun, radiation (radiotherapy), chemicals, etc.

In Chinese energy, this ointment eliminates Heat, detoxifies the Fire Poison, eliminates Blood Heat, dries Moisture, reduces swelling, stops pain, improves healing of burns.


Apply a thick layer directly on the surface to be treated after cleaning it or put on a piece of gauze and place on the burn. Cover with a bandage so as not to stain clothing.


This ointment is very effective in relieving pain and reducing swelling, blisters and blisters. It refreshes the Heat, improves the circulation of Energy and Blood and accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues. In addition, it helps prevent infections through its bactericidal action.

The "Ching Wan Hung" ointment accelerates the treatment of several skin problems. It can, by combining it with specific products for eczema, help treat oozing eczema in which the skin is flayed. The speed of healing is surprising.

This ointment should be found in all family pharmacies.


Even if the manufacturer recommends this ointment for third degree burns and open wounds, it is best, in these circumstances, to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Signs of a 3rd degree burn

The skin lifts and can come off. Often, muscles and blood vessels are damaged, and coagulated blood vessels can be seen through debris in the skin.


Name in pine yin

Pharmaceutical name

Therapeutic actions

Ban Bian Lian

Herba lobeliae chinensis (lobelia, whole plant)

Drains Moisture, diuretic

Mo Yao

Myrrha (myrrh)

Stimulates and circulates the Blood

Dang Gui

Radix angelicae sinensis (angelica root)

Tonifies the Blood

Bing Pian

Resina borneolum (resin of Dryobalanops aromatica)

Topical pain reliever

Di Yu

Radix sanguisorbae officinalis (sanguisorb root)

Stop bleeding

Mu Gua

Fructus chaenomelis (quince)

Dissipates Wind and Humidity

Ru Xiang

Gummi boswellia (boswellie resin)

Stimulates and circulates the Blood

Hong Hua

Floss carthami tincturii (safflower flower)

Stimulates and circulates the Blood

Ointment base

On the shelves

Although it does not meet the manufacturing standards ofAustralian Therapeutic Goods Administration, the following product has been analyzed showing that it does not contain pesticides, contaminants or synthetic drugs.

  • Ching Wan Hung. Manufactured by Tientsin Drug Manufactory, Tianjin, China.

Available in Chinese herbalists, several stores of natural health products as well as distributors of acupuncture equipment and traditional Chinese medicine.

Research and writing: Arlette Rouleau, Ac., OAQ and Pierre Lefrançois


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