We often dream of the end of the world, of exoticism, turquoise lagoons and warmth to get away from it all. France nevertheless conceals some of the most beautiful treasures in the world. The Ramatuelle Reserve opens the doors to one of the most emblematic French coasts in a park in the heart of the garrigue. Dive into the mythical bay of Saint Tropez, between Cap Camarat and Cap Taillat, feel teleported. It’s a hidden paradise who awaits you. He offers the calm of the countryside and a balcony on the Mediterranean, in an atmosphere that gives pride of place to the effervescence of the French Riviera just a stone’s throw away. It is also here that you will find wellness programs designed with Clinique Nescens, pioneer of preventive anti-aging medicine in Switzerland.

The big blue for horizon

Endless azure waters of the Mediterranean (Photo: La Réserve Ramatuelle)

Nestled in the park, you will have the choice between 19 suites, 8 rooms and 13 villas.

Suites and rooms have all their own terrace facing the sun. Each has been designed to play with the views of the Mediterranean: judicious openings that bring your gaze to perspectives that are always magnificent and plural.

Head to head with the Mediterranean on the private terrace (Photo: La Réserve Ramatuelle)

The smaller rooms have an area of ​​40 m² when the largest suite reaches 120 m² and can accommodate up to four people.

Note the magnificent bathrooms, all in white and glass and which, for some, dive into the sea. What panorama to take advantage of the whirlpool functions and the “Rain shower”!

Your pied-à-terre so as not to touch the ground again

Typical design of La Réserve villas (Photo: La Réserve Ramatuelle)

Bubbles of happiness, elegance and authenticity in these precious houses. The minimum area of ​​the villas is 250 m². The largest are up to 450 m². They have three to seven bedrooms, large common living spaces with family or friendsand also of many nooks to isolate oneself, meditate, rest, watch the passing of time! The villas are designed according to Rémi Tessier in a contemporary style and succeed incombination of modernity and the typical character of the region. Heated swimming pool, pool house for some, sea view for all and fabulous Mediterranean garden. Choose your family home!

Dining room in a private villa (Photo: La Réserve Ramatuelle)

An organic spa to reconnect with harmony

The spa and its indoor pool. (Photo: The Ramatuelle Reserve)

here is a organic spa in the sense of this alchemy so successful between the architectural perspectives, this softness of the south felt everywhere, the unreal beauty of the place, its raw materials which merge with the omnipresent nature… a kind ofevidence emanates from the sublime La Réserve Ramatuelle spa.

It is also a sharp spa thanks to the collaboration with Clinique Nescens, a Swiss flagship in the prevention of aging and the optimization of health, well-being and performance. Retreats are specially organized according to Nescens protocols, as described below.

the spa is totally facing the seaall cabins have view of the big blue. The indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools are in an alignment that leads directly to the terrace. A spa also open to the outside and its exceptional panorama, which is rare enough in France to be mentioned.

You will discover the many signature treatments, body or face treatments for relax, regenerate, firm or give your skin a real breath of youth. Of the body care are also offered and offer a targeted approach using the LPG technique and endermology (elimination of fat and natural stimulation of fibroblasts in the heart of the dermis).

The spa offers therapeutic massage which are genuine treatment protocols, the fruit of close collaboration with the Clinique Nescens and years of research by the specialists at the Clinique de Génolier in Geneva. The vast majority of treatments are provided in massage, no machine is used except for LPG treatments. It is the expertise of the spa practitioners and the excellence of the protocols deployed that make all the difference!

Two major brands are used during treatments.

The vast majority of care is provided according to the principles and products of Nescens brandcosmeceutical products that provide resolutely innovative anti-aging approach. The ingredients are selected on scientific criteria for their high degree of effectiveness and the active substances are incorporated at optimal concentrations.

Nescens brand cosmeceuticals. (Photo: The Ramatuelle Reserve)

For certain types of very sensitive skin or when exposure to the sun is envisaged after the treatment, for example, the brand The sea can also be used during treatments. You will notably discover the famous Miracle Broth™, elixir resulting from a fermentation process of algae and other pure ingredients that transform the appearance of the skin. You can benefit from these effects in your face or body care, for men or women. Even your teenagers (between 12 and 18 years old) will have the chance of a unique experience with a totally adapted range of La Mer treatments.

The spa also offers its Dream Days formulasthe Classic Dream Day or the Ultimate Dream Day for a day of escape or absolute well-being!

Treat yourself to a better-aging retreat thanks to Nescens expertise.

All programs are based on themedical expertise of the Nescens Clinicthe range of products Nescens Cosmetics and themultidisciplinary spa team.

This collaboration with the Nescens clinic and the Genolier anti-aging center allows you to benefit from three programs: Mind and Body Nescens Retreat, Nescens Bootcamp and Nescens Bootcamper Experience.

Reconnection to nature.

Mind and body Nescens Retreat

This retreat of 3, 6 or more days is the promise of extreme relaxation and total reconnection with yourself.

You will start your stay with an individual assessment with the spa osteopath and the yoga teacher in order to organize your personalized program around your oxygenation walks in the heart of nature, your yoga and Pilates sessions, your de-stressing and regenerating treatments at the spa and of course your balanced meals prepared by the starred chef of the La Voile restaurant.

This retreat invites you to truly let go, the first and greatest step towards regeneration.

Yoga with a view (Photo: La Réserve Ramatuelle)

Bootcamp Nescens

Also for a period of 3, 6 days or more according to your preference, Boot Camp Nescens offers you comprehensive support in a program combining fitness walking (“Nordic walking” type), spa treatments and the benefits of light Mediterranean cuisine. After an assessment (especially around your physical abilities, your nutritional habits and your osteoarticular capital) carried out by the medical advisor at the very beginning of the program, your days will be organized around healthy meals, walks of a few hours in the magnificent hinterland of the region, muscle recovery sessions, especially for the legs thanks to the cryotherapy– pressotherapy and better aging care.

Nescens Bootcamper Experience

During this program, you will experience the strength of the group and the Nescens expertise united for a complete and effective fitness. This program lasts 6 days and 7 nights to ensure total immersion in the experience.

In a group of 5 people maximum, you will combine physical activity programs around Nordic walking in particular, expert Nescens treatments and personalized dietary meals.

An assessment will also be carried out upon your arrival by the medical advisor in order to determine the personalized program adapted to your objective.

On the program: personalized meals, sports coaching and longer outings in the scrubland, cryotherapy session – pressotherapy every two days to promote muscle recovery. All this is complemented by tailor-made spa treatments such as balneotherapy with essential oils, scrubs, wraps, and “better-ageing” body massages.

Drawing strength and energy from contact with nature (Photo: La Réserve Ramatuelle)

do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your retirement wishes, better-aging treatments or silhouette, we will guide you to organize your stay.

Products of excellence, delicacy and lightness

It is indeed as a defender of quality, taste and well-being gastronomy that is both light and gourmet that the chef, Eric Canino, orchestrates the kitchens of the restaurant. Sailing.

Restaurant La Voile La Reserve. (Photo: The Ramatuelle Reserve)

He says to himself that his all-vegetable menu is the star of his menu. You will discover incomparable Mediterranean flavors at this table. Eric Canino makes it a point of honor to make each of your bites a real delight without any guilt!

The Pool Restaurant will shelter your lunches or dinners when the heat is too strong. By the pool and in the shade of the pines, you will taste other variations of Eric Canino’s cuisine. We can’t resist mentioning some of the delicacies suggested by the hotel: lemon foam, lemon leaf, yuzu sorbet, roasted apricot with honey and almond nougatine sorbet and unstructured millefeuille with vanilla from Madagascar.

Two-star restaurant. (Photo: The Ramatuelle Reserve)

La Muña Terraces dive into the Mediterranean and showcase highly gourmet Japanese cuisine. Prepared by two female sushi masters, this table is the perfect complement to the two-star restaurant La Voile.

Lunch with a breathtaking view. (Photo: The Ramatuelle Reserve)

One delight can hide another, this could be the motto of La Réserve Ramatuelle. La Réserve has chosen “Rethinking Luxury”, we support it 200%!

To book

Benefit from our expertise on wellness stays and contact us for a personalized quote for The Ramatuelle Reserve.

Prices : From approx. €1,200 euros per night in low season and Deluxe room.

The Villas are priced at approximately €5,500 per night in low season.

The Nescens better-aging 7-day program is at €4,900 accommodation not included. The Mind and Body Nescens Retreat program of 3 days / 4 nights €4,900 per person excluding accommodation. Opt for 6 nights/7 days of Bootcamper Experience for the price of €7,800 per person.

Retreats are organized according to schedules, please contact us to choose the date that suits you best.

Information request

Call us for France at + 33 1 77 77 77 77 or for Switzerland: +41 22 777 77 77 to discuss your travel plans.

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