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10 p Fu Lu Shou Get Well Soon Cards Chinese calligraphy


Feeling sick, are you? We have a cure! Just send a Fu Lu Shou Get Well Card to your loved ones. Whether they're ill or not, our cards will brighten their day and remind them that they're cared for.You can print them on high-quality, eco-friendly paper and filled with Fu Lu Shou symbols for good health and longevity, these cards are sure to put a smile on their face.

Millions of homes and businesses all around the world warmly greet Fu Lu Shou, also known as the Three Star Gods. They stand for the universally desired things of Happiness, Wealth, and Health.

  • 10 pieces printable Get Well Soon Cards,PNG format,14.8 × 10.5 cm
  • These Cards filled with Fu Lu Shou symbols written in Chinese calligraphy
  • Design & reproduce with the original writing of  Master Wang Xizhi,one of the most celebrated Chinese calligrapher
  • Fusion of Chinese and Western cultures

330 Chinese New Year Word Search Puzzles

The Chinese New Year is a time of vibrant celebrations, cultural significance, and the joy of family and community coming together. To add an extra layer of excitement to your festivities, we present our "Fun Chinese New Year Word Search Puzzles". Fun Chinese New Year Word Search Puzzles with answers ,include
  • 1 High-Quality Print Ready Pdf 28 pages Black and White ( 22 pages for Search Puzzles ,6 pages for answers) , 8.5” x 11” Inches (without bleed)
  • 330 vocabulary words Text File
Dive into the rich tapestry of Chinese New Year-related words carefully curated for your enjoyment. From traditional symbols and customs to the vibrant array of festive elements, the puzzles cover an extensive range of vocabulary, including "ABUNDANCE," "BAMBOO," "BLESSINGS," "DRAGON DANCE," "FORTUNE COOKIE," and many more. Key Features:
  1. Abundance to Zodiac: Delve into a comprehensive list of words ranging from "Abundance" to "Zodiac." Each word encapsulates an aspect of the Chinese New Year celebration, providing a holistic and educational experience.
  2. High-Quality Print Ready PDF: Enjoy the convenience of a high-quality print-ready PDF that ensures optimal clarity and crispness, making your word-searching experience visually delightful.
  3. Black and White Elegance: The elegant black and white design adds a touch of sophistication to the puzzles, emphasizing the cultural richness and timeless traditions associated with the Chinese New Year.
  4. Perfect Size: Sized at 8.5" x 11" inches, these word search puzzles are crafted to be convenient and accessible. The lack of bleed ensures a neat and tidy layout for hassle-free printing.
  5. Answers Included: Navigate the intricate web of words with confidence, as the bundle comes with a comprehensive answers section. Verify your findings and enhance your knowledge of Chinese New Year traditions.

3D Christmas Card baubles pattern

With its beautiful Christmas baubles pattern decorated with candles, festive bells, and a candy cane, this craft is perfect to create your own 3D Christmas Cards. You will receive this design collection in SVG format with and without score lines. Together with the cutting files, you will receive the instructions in PDF with a link to the video tutorial on how to assemble the craft.