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123 pieces Easy Healthy Chinese Food Recipes Cards Binder

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You love Chinese food but you don't have time to spend making it? Save yourself the hassle and get our Easy Healthy Chinese Food Recipes Binder, as it has everything you need to cook great Chinese Food! We provide 123 pieces of beautiful images printable for Easy Healthy Chinese recipes and detailed instructions in English, which is not only convenient for you but also makes it easy to cook & give your health a natural boost.

  • 123 beautyful images of Easy Healthy Chinese recipes cards printable  ,800x1200 px (21.166x31.75 cm)
  • 1 PDF print for  123  Healthy Chinese recipes
  • 1 eBook PDF " The Art of Natural Cures With Healthy Chinese Food"

365 Daily Motivational Quotes Coloring Pages [365+ pages] Motivational Quotes Coloring Book

As a parent who has delved into the realm of homeschooling, I understand the importance of engaging and uplifting resources for both parents and teachers. The quest for quality coloring books, especially those with a dash of inspiration, led me to create something extraordinary – the "376 Pages Motivational Quotes Coloring Book. Product Details: •  PDF File with 376 Motivational Quotes Coloring Pages (ready for print) • 376 PNG Files • Dimensions: (8.5″ x 11″)

Amazing Printable Chinese Calligraphy Wall Art Bundle 123 Most Powerful Zen words with Chinese Calligraphy to Relax & Anti Stress for Wellness Home Decor

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Size  16"  x 20"  123 pages PDF print , 123 images printable

The best Chinese Calligraphy Wall Art work in the entire world to decorate your home! With over thousand years of success, we guarantee that Chinese calligraphy wall art will transmute your living room into a Zen oasis right in the comfort of your own home. This Printable Wall Art Bundle with 123 most powerful Zen words in English and Chinese calligraphy,plus 123 beautiful Chinese painting,will help you find peace, relax and go into meditation.

These words contain the essential wisdom to live a purposeful, happy, and peaceful life.The words are from great philosophers such as Lao Tzu, Confucius and Buddha.

Depicting these words in a classic calligraphy style makes them not just words, but brilliant works of art.

Can hang as decoration in the house to enhance the positive and peaceful vibes.

Can hang in the office,the room or school to stimulate a positive and meaningful mindset at any time.

Binder Super Cute Animals Coloring Pages For Kids [1100 Pages]


This fun coloring book pdf contains 1100 pages of cute animals to color! With a wide variety of adorable pets, zoo animals, farm animals, sea creatures and more, kids of all ages will love coloring these pages.


  • Printable digital download
  • 1100 unique coloring pages
  • A4 size - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • PNG files (300 dpi print quality)
  • Perfect for kids ages 4-8
  • Fun way to spark creativity and teach animal recognition

The 300 dpi PNG files allow you to print crisp, clear copies for hours of coloring entertainment. Download, print and let your child's creativity run wild!

Perfect for:

  • Individual creativity: Let kids lose themselves in their own artistic world, coloring their favorite animals.
  • Family fun nights: Gather around and bond over shared laughter and creative expression.
  • Party favors: Surprise kids with a unique and engaging activity they can enjoy alone or with friends.
  • Classroom activities: Teachers can use these pages to introduce new animals, explore color theory, or simply keep students entertained during quiet time.

Give the gift of creativity and imagination with this amazing collection of 1000 Cute Animal Coloring Pages!

Elegant Family Fun Font Binder [25 different typefaces]

This Family Fun Font Binder includes more than 36 fonts from  25 different typefaces that are all beautifully crafted and enjoyable! This package has a unique blend of modern and vintage fun lettering styles to help you design the perfect lettering. Because each typeface has its own wonderful design, your designs will have a warm and entertaining sense. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including posters, family elements, t-shirts, apparel, book covers, greeting cards, branding, invites, and quotes, among others. This collection include:
  • Family
  • Wylie Family Monogram
  • Dream
  • Rainbow
  • Family Monogram
  • The Megatype Script
  • Amontesa
  • Ramolina Script
  • Belia Anestasha
  • Greater Amberjack
  • Good Selection Duo
  • Hello Molydia
  • Baby Valentina
  • Marvelan
  • Young Girls Script
  • Calissha Duo
  • Wacthout
  • Prestiquen Script
  • Hello Balgetia
  • Yoshieka
  • Marliesta
  • Belgiana
  • Argentina
  • Bethanya
  • Mareline Duo

Holistic Health Journal Binder to be Well More than 1630 pages Printable

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With the help of this Printable journal pages Binder, worry less and relax more. This guided notebook package mixes brief

Kindergarten Letter and Number Tracing Binder Fun and Engaging Exercises [276 Pages]

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Learn Fun with this 276 Pages of Kindergarten Number and Letter Tracing Exercises! Are you ready to assist your child in learning to write humorously? Are you looking for a preschool workbook to help your child get a head start? We've got your back! This workbook teaches early writers proper pen control, line tracing, and other skills. Your child will begin their road to learning these essential skills and developing confidence and technique. THIS BUNDLE CONTAINS:
  • 276 Adorable pages of Alphabet and Number tracing games
  •  Large Print 8.5×11 inch (A4 format)
  • 5-8.5″X11″ PDF Binder Covers & Spines  (1″, 1.5″, 2″, 3″, 4″)
  • Pencil control practices
  • Alphabets Tracing from A to Z
  • Numbers Tracing from 1 to 100
  • Number coloring games
  • Alphabet Dot Markers (from A to Z)
  • BIG letters Tracing from A to Z ( with animal names)
  • Number Dot Markers
  •  Bonus Christmas tracing and coloring games
YOUR DOWNLOAD WILL INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: 💎 PDF (Print ready) 💎 SVG 💎 AI File (Easily editable) 💎 EPS PECIFICATION: ✔ Editable Source Files ✔ High-Quality Print Ready PDF (CMYK) ✔ Print Ready PDF Files ✔ 300 DPI

La Vie en Rose Pink Christmas Background Binder [108 + HD Images]

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Imagine a Christmas wonderland where everything is pink. From the twinkling lights to the sparkling ornaments to the festive decorations,everything is bathed in a soft, rosy glow. This is the magic of a pink Christmas background.

Pink Christmas backgrounds are a unique and innovative way to create a festive and fun holiday atmosphere for family fun and kids' activities. By incorporating pink into your Christmas decorations, you can create a truly magical and memorable experience for your loved ones.

Pink Christmas sublimation clipart You will receive 108 + HD Images files
  • 6  PNG Vintage Pink Christmas Background
  • 23 PNG Pink Christmas Tree Backgrounds
  • 12 PNG Pretty Pink Christmas Background
  • 25 PNG Elegant Pink Christmas Backgrounds
  • 20+ JPG Winter Frames Pink Christmas Backgrounds
  • 15 PNG Boho Pink Christmas Backgrounds
  • 6 PNG Watercolor Pink Christmas Background
  • One DPI 3D Pink Christmas Winter Background
You can print on physical things such as stickers, mugs, t-shirts, invitation cards, patches, greeting cards, posters,  printable decorations, scrapbooking, wall art and much more.

Preschool & Kindergarten fun activities Preschool busy book My Busy Binder [129 pages ]

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There are 129 pages of activities to make your own personalized busy binder or a slew of file folder activities. Math, Science, English, Writing, Patterns, and many other subjects are covered. You can print whatever you want. To reduce paper waste, certain activity cutouts share a page. Many activities had color, but I attempted to keep the color down so that they were still engaging while also being more printer friendly than full color pages. There are still a lot of different colors. To make these activities reusable and center-ready, laminate them and use velcro dots.  

Printable coloring pages Disney binder 218 great drawings to print Pdf

The wonderful world of Disney makes your child dream and you? Do you love Disney cartoons, and are you looking for coloring pages related to your passion? Then you've come to the right place, because here we offer you to download more than 200 Disney printable coloring pages. All the greatest classics are present in our collection, since you will discover coloring pages pdf of:
  • Snow Queen  - 20 great pages printable
  • Lucas and Alberto  -  29 great coloring pages printable
  • Mickey & Minnie  -  69 great coloring pages printable
  • Rapunzel   - 20 great pages printable
  • Moana -  22 great pages printable
  • The Lion King - 21 great pages printable
  • Stitch -  20 great pages printable
  • Raya  - 27 great pages printable
Want to know more ? So make a nice surprise by downloading our other coloring pages with incredible prices on cartoons.

SmilesKids Learn Smart Binder For Pre-K + Kindergarden [1500+ Pages] | Montessori-friendly For busy Parents

A massive learning binder  full of worksheets, activities and more for preschool and kindergarten (ages 3-6). The set is educational, Montessori-compatible and a lot of fun!As a parent who values both education and creativity, this binder became my go-to resource, bringing joy and structure to our learning routine. Here’s what’s included in this  SmilesKids Learn Smart Binder :
  • Illustrated worksheets ( 105 pages pdf printable)
  • Montessori paper materials ( 170 pages pdf printable)
  • 50 Sight word worksheets ( pdf printable )
  • Montessori animal themed worksheets (117 pages  pdf printable)
  • Spring activities  ( 100 pages pdf printable )
  • Summer activities  ( 100 pages pdf printable )
  • Autumn activities  ( 100 pages pdf printable )
  • Winter activities   ( 100 pages pdf printable )
  • 10 count & clip cards  (  pdf printable )
  • Daily Rhythm Cards (  26 pages pdf printable )
  • 100  daily routine cards (  pdf printable )
  • Morning board (  18 pages pdf printable )
  • Toddler Workbook (100 pages  pdf printable)
  • Homeschool planner  (72 pages pdf printable)
  • All About Shapes for Kindergarten Kids (Original +Black and White)  (42  pages pdf printable)
  •  1-5 Numbers Fish Cut _ Match Worksheets  (5 pages pdf printable)
  • Number Recognition and Number Sense  (20 pages  pdf printable)
  • Recognition and Counting Number to 20  (20 pages  pdf printable)
  • Number Card Matching to 10   (10 pages pdf printable)
  • Number Base Worksheet for Number 11 to 20    (10 pages pdf printable)
  • Recognize Alphabet and Fill the Missing Letter   (30 pages pdf printable)
  • Sight Words Fluency Sentences to Teach Beginning Sounds   (26 pages pdf printable)
  • Build a Books ABC's, 123's, Shapes and Colors - Engaging Practice for Preschool  (40 pages pdf printable)
  • Reading Correspondence For Kindergarten Kids   (20 pages pdf printable)
  • Comprehensive Alphabet ABC Anchor Poster  (26 pages pdf printable)
  • Consonant Blends Worksheets Phonics Take (17 pages  pdf printable)
  • 1 to 10 Number Count, Color and Trace with Math Tools    (15 pages  pdf printable)
  • CVC Word Family Word Mats   (10 pages  pdf printable)
  • Sight Word Flash Cards - Explore Your Movement Breaks   (56  pages pdf printable)
  • EARTH DAY Bingo Game    (3 pages pdf printable)
  • Uppercase and Lowercase Alohabet Letter Matching   (4  pages pdf printable)
  • Rainbow Color Poster (Full Collor & No Color)    (22 pages pdf printable)
  • Colorful Black Rainbow Subject Labels Subject Name Tags   (29 pages pdf printable)
  • Decoding Sight Words Phonics Practice for Beginning and Struggling Readers   (14  pages  pdf printable)
  • Preschool Learning Activity Book  (78 pages pdf printable)
  • Funny Preschool Math Workbook  (180 Page pdf printable)
  • 5-8.5″X11″ PDF Binder Covers & Spines  (1″, 1.5″, 2″, 3″, 4″)


  • The SmilesKids Learn Smart Binder is a comprehensive toolkit for early learning and reading skills.
  • All of the activities in the binder are aligned with Montessori principles and are designed to be fun and engaging for learners.
  • The binder includes a variety of printables that can be used to supplement the worksheets and activities.
  • The SmilesKids Learn Smart Binder is the perfect tool for busy parents and educators who want to help their children succeed.
These tools are intended to inspire, engage and educate, whether you are a teacher in a classroom or a parent looking to assist your child's education at home.

The Ultimate Coloring Pages & Activity Books for Kids Binder [500 + Pages] -Unleash Boundless Creativity

Are you tired of hearing the constant chatter of digital devices, watching your child's creativity stifled by screen time? Worried about the lack of real, hands-on, and imaginative activities for the little ones? It's time to break free from the digital daze and rediscover the joy of creativity. This Coloring Pages for Kids Binder, a gateway to a world where children's imaginations run wild. We've heard your concerns and are here to provide an unbeatable solution. Our bundle is a treasure trove of 20 captivating coloring books, carefully designed to nurture your child's creativity. Coloring Pages & Activity Books for Kids Binder features: ✔ Dimensions: 8.5” X 11” Inches ✔ Print Ready PDF File ✔ High-Resolution Interiors 300 Dpi ✔ AI, EPS, PDF, JPEG, PNG Files. ✔ Black and White Color ✔ Editable AI Files. You will get the following :
  • 1.Christmas Coloring Book Vol-1     (20 Coloring Pages)
  • 2.Christmas Coloring Book Vol-2    (20 Coloring Pages)
  • 3.Unicorn Coloring Book Vol-1       (20 Coloring Pages )
  • 4 .Unicorn Coloring Book Vol-2     (10 Coloring Pages)
  • 5.Space Coloring Book Vol-1            (15 Coloring Pages)
  • 6.Space Coloring Book Vol-2            (15 Coloring Pages)
  • 7.Train Coloring Book                        (20 Coloring Pages)
  • 8.Learning To Trace Activity Book   (124 Coloring Pages)
  • 9.Halloween Coloring Book Vol-1      (25 Coloring Pages)
  • 10.Halloween Coloring Book  Vol-2    (20 Coloring Pages)
  • 11.Scissor Skills Sea Life Coloring Book      (15 Coloring Pages)
  • 12.Shape Scissor Skills Book                         (30 Coloring Pages)
  • 13.Human Anatomy Coloring Book Vol-1   (30 Coloring Pages)
  • 14.Human Anatomy Coloring Book Vol-2    (20 Coloring Pages)
  • 15.Dinosaur Coloring Book                              (20 Coloring Pages)
  • 16.Mermaid Coloring Book                              (15 Coloring Pages)
  • 17.Sea Life Coloring Book                                  (20 Coloring Pages)
  • 18.How To Draw Sea Life Coloring Book       (40 Coloring Pages)
  • 19.Dot Marker Abc Number & Shapes Activity Book    (50 Coloring Pages)
  • 20.Human Brain Anatomy Coloring Book                        (15 Coloring Pages)
  • 21. 5 colorful 8.5″X11″ PDF Binder Covers & Spines (1″, 1.5″, 2″, 3″, 4″)