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Positive Kids Flashcards Bundle [ 100+cards] | Fun Way to Raise Positive Kids in a Negative World

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This Positive Kids Flashcards binder includes 4 sets of flashcards and  printable resources that can help kids learn about emotions, resolve conflicts and communicate positively. The flashcards are designed to be used by parents, educators, and therapists to support the social and emotional development of children.

Set 1: Emotions Flash Cards

This set of flashcards includes 18 different emotions, each illustrated with a high-quality image of a child's face. The flashcards can be used to help kids:

  • Identify and express their emotions
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Learn social skills
  • Build a vocabulary of emotions

Set 2: Feelings Cards Set for Kids

This set of cards includes 53 pages of printable resources that cover a variety of topics related to children's emotions, such as:

  • How to identify and manage emotions
  • How to cope with difficult emotions
  • How to build positive relationships
  • How to develop emotional resilience

Set 3: Conflict Resolution Flashcards for Kids

This set of flashcards includes 12 scenarios that kids commonly face. Each card provides a way to resolve the conflict in a positive and constructive way. The flashcards can be used to teach kids:

  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to empathize with others
  • How to develop problem-solving skills
  • How to resolve conflicts peacefully

Set 4: Flashcards 40 Positive Ways to Talk to Kids Printable

This set of flashcards includes 40 different positive ways to communicate with kids. The flashcards can be used to help parents, teachers, and caregivers:

  • Build stronger relationships with the kids in their lives
  • Encourage positive communication
  • Promote social and emotional development


  • The flashcards are easy to use and can be adapted to meet the needs of individual children.
  • The flashcards are aligned with current research on social and emotional learning.
  • Teachers,parents and therapists can utilize these flashcards to help youngsters with their social and emotional development.

Ultimate Laser Cut Christmas Decorations Bundle [ 100+ projects]

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All of your Christmas crafts projects will benefit from this Ultimate Laser Cut Christmas Decorations Bundle 3D SVG collections. It's ideal for making wonderful paper-based DIY creations. Bundle a contents
  • 3D Christmas Layered Bundle Set
  • 6 Round Christmas Sign SVG Bundle
  • 10 Styles Christmas Family Member Heart
  • 45 Christmas Ornament Laser Cut Bundle
  • 20 Christmas 3D Lantern SVG Bundle
  • Standing Christmas Tree Decor Bundle
  • Dog Paw Print Christmas Ornament Bundle
  • Christmas Animals
  • Paper Cut Christmas Shadow Box Bundle
  • Christmas Tree Papercut Lantern Bundle
  • Christmas Alphabet Laser/Paper Cut File
  • Christmas Card Stand Laser Cut SVG
  • Christmas Snowflake Ornaments SVG Bundle
  • Christmas Paper Cut 3d Houses Decoration
  • Christmas 3D Houses Paper Cut Decor SVG
  • Christmas Pyramid 3D Lantern Bundle SVG
  • Christmas Giving & Sharing SVG Bundle
  • Snow Globe Pop Up Christmas Card Bundle
  • Christmas Candy Holder Bundle
  • Nativity Christmas Card Bundle SVG
  • Nativity Christmas Paper Lantern Bundle
  • Floral Butterflies Lantern SVG Bundle
  • Winter Christmas Shadow Box Bundle
  • Christmas Papercut Card Bundle SVG
  • Christmas Paper Cut Gift Tag Mega Bundle
  • New Year Christmas Stencil Big Bundle
  • Christmas Ornaments Lantern SVG Bundle
  • Christmas Countdown Tags Mega Big Bundle
  • Christmas Bible Verse Card Bundle SVG
  • Autumn Wedding Paper Cut Card Bundle
  • Christmas Centerpiece Lampshade Bundle
  • Christmas Cute Alphabet Shaker Bundle
  • Hanukah Jewish Christmas Mega Bundle
You will receive this set in 3 file formats: – SVG (vector files – unlimited resizing with no quality loss) – PNG (raster files, high-quality 300ppi) – Ai with Instructions PDF   Bundle b contents:
  • 3D Christmas Bottle Gift Box
  • Christmas Box Laser Cut
  • Christmas Gift Box Laser Cut
  • Christmas House Laser Cut
  • Christmas Lantern SVG Laser Cut
  • Christmas Tree Laser Cut SVG
  • Laser Cut Cat Christmas Ornament
  • Laser Cut Christmas Balls SVG
  • Laser Cut Christmas House SVG
  • Laser Cut Christmas Lantern SVG
  • Laser Cut Christmas Ornaments SVG
  • Laser Cut Christmas Decorations SVG
  • Laser Cut Christmas Toys SVG
  • Laser Cut Dog Christmas Ornament
  • Laser Cut Nativity Scene SVG
  • Laser Cut Santa Claus Sleigh
  • Christmas Advent Calendar
  • Christmas House Candle Lighting
  • Christmas House Template
You will receive this set in SVG,DXF,PDF,AI,CDR file formats.