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3 Printable Chinese Calligraphy Wall Art Canvas Print 钱 (qián) 财 (cái) ( Money and Wealth)

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These stunning Chinese calligraphy wall art canvas print  are designed with a reproduction of works by two of the most famous calligraphers in Chinese history: Su Shi and Wang Xizhi.

The two Chinese characters in this calligraphy print are 钱(qián)and 财(cái)。钱 means "money" and 财 means "wealth." These two characters are often used together to represent financial prosperity and success.

These Chinese calligraphy wall art canvas print are a beautiful and auspicious addition to any home or office. It is a reminder of the importance of money and wealth, and it also serves as a reminder of the beauty and power of Chinese calligraphy.

-3 PNG files -1 PDF print -16 x 20 inches  

Amazing Printable Chinese Calligraphy Wall Art Bundle 123 Most Powerful Zen words with Chinese Calligraphy to Relax & Anti Stress for Wellness Home Decor

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Size  16"  x 20"  123 pages PDF print , 123 images printable

The best Chinese Calligraphy Wall Art work in the entire world to decorate your home! With over thousand years of success, we guarantee that Chinese calligraphy wall art will transmute your living room into a Zen oasis right in the comfort of your own home. This Printable Wall Art Bundle with 123 most powerful Zen words in English and Chinese calligraphy,plus 123 beautiful Chinese painting,will help you find peace, relax and go into meditation.

These words contain the essential wisdom to live a purposeful, happy, and peaceful life.The words are from great philosophers such as Lao Tzu, Confucius and Buddha.

Depicting these words in a classic calligraphy style makes them not just words, but brilliant works of art.

Can hang as decoration in the house to enhance the positive and peaceful vibes.

Can hang in the office,the room or school to stimulate a positive and meaningful mindset at any time.

Beautiful Vintage Old Maps Digital Papers [ 16 Maps] – Journey through Time !

Our Vintage Old Maps Digital Papers collection is a curated selection of 16 unique and authentic maps, each scanned from original vintage sources. These maps represent a variety of locations and time periods, and are perfect for a wide range of creative projects, from personal to professional.

What You Get:

  • 16 – 12″ x 12″ Old Maps Digital Papers, Jpeg Files, 300 dpi
Perfect for:
  • Home Decor Enthusiasts
  • Family Fun Projects
  • Homeschooling Materials
  • Scrapbooking Enthusiasts
  • Card-Making Aficionados

Terms of Use:

Our Vintage Old Maps Digital Papers are for personal and commercial use. You may use them to create and sell physical and digital products, such as presentations, invitations, website designs, scrapbook pages, greeting cards, paper crafts, and more. However, you may not resell or distribute the digital files themselves.

Cool Math Art Educational Math Posters Wall Art | Decorative Learning for Bedrooms and Beyond

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A collection of seven vibrant math posters, meticulously designed to enhance learning and bring a burst of creativity to spaces like bedrooms, playrooms, nurseries, or classrooms. These posters cater to the educational needs of children, fostering not just mathematical understanding but also aiding in memory development. 7-poster math set: - Count to ten - Count up to 100. - square multiplication - tables of multiplication - subtraction - 2 mathematical symbols ***** * INCLUDES ZIP * There are eight different sizes: - 1 pdf - 8.511 inch size - us a letter - 1 pdf - 1114 inch (27cm x 35cm) size - 1 pdf - 1218 inch (30cm x 45cm) size - 1 pdf (16X20 inches/40cm x 50cm) - 1 pdf (20X30 inches/50cm x 76cm) - 1 pdf - A5 size - 1 pdf - A4 size - 1 pdf - A3 size ***** Cute Colors Effect The charming color palette of these posters is carefully chosen not just for aesthetic appeal but also to create an environment conducive to learning. Perfect for brightening up spaces where children play, learn, and grow, these posters are designed to capture attention and foster an atmosphere of curiosity. Memory Development Beyond their decorative purpose, these posters play a vital role in memory development. The engaging visuals coupled with educational content create an immersive learning experience. Whether used at home or in a classroom setting, these posters serve as valuable tools for parents and teachers alike.

Elegant Family Fun Font Binder [25 different typefaces]

This Family Fun Font Binder includes more than 36 fonts from  25 different typefaces that are all beautifully crafted and enjoyable! This package has a unique blend of modern and vintage fun lettering styles to help you design the perfect lettering. Because each typeface has its own wonderful design, your designs will have a warm and entertaining sense. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including posters, family elements, t-shirts, apparel, book covers, greeting cards, branding, invites, and quotes, among others. This collection include:
  • Family
  • Wylie Family Monogram
  • Dream
  • Rainbow
  • Family Monogram
  • The Megatype Script
  • Amontesa
  • Ramolina Script
  • Belia Anestasha
  • Greater Amberjack
  • Good Selection Duo
  • Hello Molydia
  • Baby Valentina
  • Marvelan
  • Young Girls Script
  • Calissha Duo
  • Wacthout
  • Prestiquen Script
  • Hello Balgetia
  • Yoshieka
  • Marliesta
  • Belgiana
  • Argentina
  • Bethanya
  • Mareline Duo

Handmade Duo Cupcake Font | Add a touch of elegance and warm to your home

Handmade Duo Cupcake Font is an elegant and delicate duo typeface (sans serif and script) that may be used for a variety of purposes. This font will provide a romantic touch to everything from greeting cards to headlines! Cupcake Handmade Duo is PUA encoded, so you can easily access all of the glyphs and ligatures.