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123 pieces Easy Healthy Chinese Food Recipes Cards Binder

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You love Chinese food but you don't have time to spend making it? Save yourself the hassle and get our Easy Healthy Chinese Food Recipes Binder, as it has everything you need to cook great Chinese Food! We provide 123 pieces of beautiful images printable for Easy Healthy Chinese recipes and detailed instructions in English, which is not only convenient for you but also makes it easy to cook & give your health a natural boost.

  • 123 beautyful images of Easy Healthy Chinese recipes cards printable  ,800x1200 px (21.166x31.75 cm)
  • 1 PDF print for  123  Healthy Chinese recipes
  • 1 eBook PDF " The Art of Natural Cures With Healthy Chinese Food"

3 Printable Chinese Calligraphy Wall Art Canvas Print 钱 (qián) 财 (cái) ( Money and Wealth)

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These stunning Chinese calligraphy wall art canvas print  are designed with a reproduction of works by two of the most famous calligraphers in Chinese history: Su Shi and Wang Xizhi.

The two Chinese characters in this calligraphy print are 钱(qián)and 财(cái)。钱 means "money" and 财 means "wealth." These two characters are often used together to represent financial prosperity and success.

These Chinese calligraphy wall art canvas print are a beautiful and auspicious addition to any home or office. It is a reminder of the importance of money and wealth, and it also serves as a reminder of the beauty and power of Chinese calligraphy.

-3 PNG files -1 PDF print -16 x 20 inches  

Amazing Printable Chinese Calligraphy Wall Art Bundle 123 Most Powerful Zen words with Chinese Calligraphy to Relax & Anti Stress for Wellness Home Decor

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Size  16"  x 20"  123 pages PDF print , 123 images printable

The best Chinese Calligraphy Wall Art work in the entire world to decorate your home! With over thousand years of success, we guarantee that Chinese calligraphy wall art will transmute your living room into a Zen oasis right in the comfort of your own home. This Printable Wall Art Bundle with 123 most powerful Zen words in English and Chinese calligraphy,plus 123 beautiful Chinese painting,will help you find peace, relax and go into meditation.

These words contain the essential wisdom to live a purposeful, happy, and peaceful life.The words are from great philosophers such as Lao Tzu, Confucius and Buddha.

Depicting these words in a classic calligraphy style makes them not just words, but brilliant works of art.

Can hang as decoration in the house to enhance the positive and peaceful vibes.

Can hang in the office,the room or school to stimulate a positive and meaningful mindset at any time.

Chinese Zodiac Characters Coloring Book for Kids & Parent ( 12 Pages )

With the help of these lovely coloring pages for Kids & Adults, you can appreciate the grace and fluidity of Chinese characters even if you don't speak the language. You may color in characters from the twelve Chinese zodiac animals with these entertaining coloring pages! These animals include the horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, pig, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, and snake. Every page has a pronunciation guide and the character's translation. This item contains one zip archive that contains:
  •  12 high resolution JPG files
  •  12 pages PDF Printables
  • High quality 300 dpi images
  • Designs will fit well on 8”x11” paper
You can use them to Learn Chinese. They can alos be used to print posters, create greeting cards and invitations, and create any kind of print in the Zentangle style.

Tian Zi Ge notebook Practice Paper | Easy & Fun to Master Chinese Characters

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Are you keen to learn this lovely script and captivated by the practice of Chinese calligraphy? Use this printable Tian Zi Ge Chinese Writing Practice Book to explore the world of Chinese characters. Imagine how satisfying it would be to precisely and gracefully create complex Chinese letters. The secret to writing Chinese characters as beautifully as possible is to use this practice book. Complete 120 pages of writing practice in Tian Zi Ge Chinese. This printable offers a methodical and entertaining approach to advance your Chinese calligraphy abilities, making it ideal for students of all ability levels.