top model of the Taiwanese manufacturer, the D550. Make way for his test! [content-egg module=CjLinks]


Launched at $ 390 – we can already find it around $ 320 – the Proscenic D550 robot vacuum cleaner is the high-end model in the manufacturer’s robot catalog. With this model, Proscenic inaugurates a square format which “adapts better to angles than the round shape and the dust in the corners cannot escape its suction”, according to the manufacturer. Its design does not seem to be its only asset since the D550 benefits from the “mop” mode: it is equipped with a water tray and a microfiber cloth to pick up the most stubborn dust. Connected via Wi-Fi, this device can be controlled via the ProscenicHome application.

Proscenic D550 review

The power of suction

With a suction that can reach 1800 Pa, the D550 vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly one of the most efficient models on the market. To perform the task for which it was designed, it is fitted with a V-shaped roller brush with a suction opening of almost 20 cm. This allows it to vacuum up dust quickly and efficiently. It has three different suction modes which are silent mode, normal mode and max mode. By putting the device on silent mode, it will perform effective cleaning without making any noise. The suction efficiency of this device will allow you to get rid of about 90% of the trash on hard floors whether you are in normal or max mode. This performance is reduced to 75% if the device is used on a thin carpet.

The connectivity of the D550

The D550 robot vacuum cleaner is a smart device. As such, it easily connects to your Android and iOS devices. To do this, you just need to download the Proscenic Home app. Once this software is installed, you must first create your Proscenic account and follow the instructions given to you. Thanks to the Proscenic Home application, you will be able to control several features of your robot vacuum cleaner. For example, you can program the days and times for cleaning, order the device to clean a particular area, trigger mop mode or put it in “do not disturb” mode. The best part about this feature is that you can launch all of these commands remotely, i.e. outside of your home. In addition, the application allows you to adjust the power of the device and also the suction mode in which you want to use it.


The dust collector is not really big (0.4 l) and you will have to remember to empty it regularly. If it is accessible by lifting the cover, you must still be careful when handling it since it is not hermetically closed and therefore conducive to the fall of dirt. On the belly of the device, there is a side brush and the main brush which alternates nylon and rubber bristles. What a disappointment to see that this brush does not occupy the entire width of the vacuum cleaner and that it is very small, leaving us perplexed as to its effectiveness. We much prefer the very wide and all-rubber blades of the i7 + and S9 + robots from the manufacturer iRobot. The two brushes of the D550 are nonetheless easy to remove from the body of the device to release hair and tangled hair. As for the mops delivered with the Proscenic, we recommend cleaning them (in the washing machine) after each pass, to prevent the dirt from sticking together.

Navigation system

The Proscenic D550 is equipped with a laser rangefinder, which allows it to locate itself in space by mapping the rooms where it passes. A good point which saves him from going over the same areas several times and of course from carrying out a methodical vacuuming. The Proscenic D550 operates almost always in the same way: it starts by skirting the walls, then scrolls in a zigzag way inside the room. The cleaner never goes back to the same areas and sometimes even tends to forget some … This Speedy Gonzales vacuum cleaner sometimes goes a little too fast and can miss some places.


The manufacturer announces an autonomy of 1 h 50 min on the D550. The promise is kept in silent mode: it runs out after a little less than 2 hours of work. If it shows enough endurance, it does not however equal our champion all categories, the Roborock S4 which held a little more than 3 hours in this same mode. At maximum power, the Proscenic D550 manages to suck for 1 h 20 min before returning to its base, which remains quite comfortable. Note also that the base of this robot vacuum cleaner is ultra-compact and can be stored easily since it folds in half. However, it takes quite a long time to fully recharge the battery (around 2 hours).


The Proscenic D550 does honorably in our vacuum tests … except on high pile carpets. In this test area, the robot vacuum cleaner failed to suck up half of the waste: in silent mode, it estimated that it had finished the job after 3 min 40 s, except that it had only sucked up 33 % of garbage. After 11 min, it eliminates 40% of the waste. To date, the Vorwerk Kobold V300 has shown the best results in this test area with 94% of the material collected in 8:27. On fine carpet, the result is incomparable and the Proscenic D550 sucked up all the rubbish in 5 min in silent mode and in 2 min 50 s in Max mode. Great performances! On hard ground, it does not fare too badly either since it manages to eliminate 86% of the waste in just over 9 min in silent mode and almost all of it in just 2 min 30 s when it is set in Max mode.


Proscenic promises a very low noise level and we have indeed found that this robot vacuum cleaner does not exceed 63 dB (A) in maximum mode, which is very reasonable. In “Silent” mode, it emits 55 dB (A), which places it among the quieter devices in our comparison.

Our product opinion

The Proscenic D550 robot vacuum is arguably one of the most efficient you’ll find on the market. The integrated LDS system makes it a very precise model that will always be found in its environment. With this precision, the vacuum cleaner automatically detects your carpet and turns on immediately. It is relatively silent. As a result, you can quietly watch TV or work while it performs its task. In addition to suction, it also has a mop mode which allows it to mop the floor which makes it very versatile. The best part about the D550 robot vacuum is its ability to be controlled directly from your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. The vacuum cleaner is also very easy to maintain. In addition, it has a good battery life and can therefore be used for a long time. As soon as it discharges, it loads itself into the mains. However, it should be noted that the vacuum cleaner is not very effective on long-pile carpets and its dust collector is not very waterproof. [wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • Good suction performance,
  • Excellent autonomy,
  • Ease of use,
  • Fairly quiet device.
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • Ineffective on long pile carpets,
  • Very leaky dust collector.

Where to buy the D550 robot vacuum?

Are you attracted to the D550 robot vacuum cleaner and want to buy it? You can easily find it in big box stores selling household appliances. If you don’t feel like traveling, it is quite possible to order the D550 robot vacuum cleaner directly online. You will find it first on the Proscenic site. The robot vacuum cleaner is sold on other sales sites such as Amazon. However, it should be noted that the price may vary depending on the store or the site where you buy it. [content-egg module=CjLinks]

Brand presentation

Proscenic Vacuum CleanersProscenic was founded in 1996 by Proscenic Technology and is based in Taiwan. The company specializes in the manufacture and development of smart household appliances that it sells specifically in the United States and Japan. For this purpose, it has therefore developed many robot vacuum cleaners available around the world. However, it does not only offer robot vacuums. It also provides buyers with hygiene and kitchen appliances, including mixers. It is important to note that if the brand is appreciated in Europe, it is because of its robot vacuum cleaners which are very efficient. The majority of vacuum cleaners offered by the brand are connected. Therefore, they can be controlled through the Proscenic Home app. Added to this is the fact that the company recently entered into a partnership with Amazon. Levoit Air Purifiers Comparison 2024 : Which One to Choose?  

Transforming Home Cleaning with Proscenic D550: A Revolution in Cleaning Technology

Home cleaning is an essential but often mundane task. However, with the advent of innovative cleaning technologies, such as the Proscenic D550, the way we approach cleaning has undergone a remarkable transformation. In this thought-provoking article, we will explore the multifaceted perspectives surrounding the Proscenic D550 robotic vacuum cleaner. From its cutting-edge features to its impact on everyday life, we will delve into the emotional and inspirational aspects of this revolutionary cleaning device.
  1. The Power of Automation (200 words) The Proscenic D550 represents a significant leap forward in home cleaning automation. By harnessing the power of advanced sensors and intelligent programming, it eliminates the need for manual vacuuming, freeing up valuable time for homeowners. Imagine a world where you can return home to a spotlessly clean floor without lifting a finger. The Proscenic D550 brings this dream into reality, relieving us of the monotonous chore of vacuuming.
  2. A Technological Marvel (200 words) The D550 boasts an array of impressive features, including intelligent mapping, obstacle detection, and powerful suction capabilities. Its ability to adapt to different floor surfaces, such as carpets and hardwood, ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning experience. With a user-friendly interface and customizable settings, the D550 empowers homeowners to tailor their cleaning routine to their specific needs. Its sleek design and low noise levels further enhance its appeal, seamlessly integrating into our living spaces.
  3. Environmental Impact (200 words) In an era of increasing environmental consciousness, the Proscenic D550 offers a sustainable approach to cleaning. Its energy-efficient operation reduces electricity consumption, and its reusable dustbin minimizes waste associated with disposable cleaning materials. By embracing this cutting-edge cleaning technology, users contribute to the reduction of their carbon footprint, making a positive impact on the environment.
  4. The Future of Home Cleaning (200 words) The advent of robotic vacuum cleaners like the Proscenic D550 signals a paradigm shift in home cleaning. As technology continues to advance, we can expect further innovations that will revolutionize the way we maintain our living spaces. From improved mapping capabilities to integration with smart home systems, the future holds endless possibilities for intelligent cleaning devices. As these technologies become more accessible and affordable, they have the potential to become a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives.


The Proscenic D550 is more than just a cleaning device; it represents a transformation in our approach to maintaining a clean and healthy home. From the convenience it brings to the sustainable impact it has on the environment, the D550 offers a glimpse into the future of home cleaning. By embracing this revolutionary technology, we unlock more time for meaningful experiences, inspire a sense of awe and wonder, and contribute to a cleaner and greener world.]]>

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