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RENPHO ES-26M Review personal smart health scale with analysis function

RENPHO ES-26M personal scale with analysis function in the Review overview

Editor’s  RENPHO ES-26M review bathroom smart health scale.

Place it barefoot on the bathroom scales and immediately about weight, BMI, muscle percentage and much more. Know? To make this possible, four sensors on the step surface of the RENPHO scales send out small current impulses and measure their reflection by fat and muscles in the body. The measurement method, also known as bio-electrical impedance analysis, is integrated in more and more scales and is basically harmless for healthy people. However, children, pregnant women and patients with pacemakers should avoid using it.

The RENPHO ES-26M bathroom scale is also not recommended for competitive athletes. The reason: B, because cheap products like this one only measure on the feet and not on the hands. That is, the impulse usually only extends to the bar and therefore provides guideline values ​​rather than precise information.

In addition to the typical weakness of all standard analytical scales, the RENPHO model offers many practical features that can also help sporty people to become more motivated. While the weight appears directly on the display of the scale, all other health values ​​are processed graphically and in the free manufacturer app (Android | iOS). This allows users to easily see whether a change in weight is based on fat loss or muscle gain. If you like, you can even share your successes with your friends via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

The compatibility with other smart fitness and health services such as the Fitbit app is also practical.

Bluetooth personal scale with app: measures weight, BMI, muscle mass u. v. m.

The RENPHO bathroom scale measures more precisely than the other models in comparison

In our comprehensive personal scales comparison, the RENPHO model was the only one to score with the measurement in 50 gram increments. All other bathroom scales only show changes in 100 gram increments and were therefore significantly less precise. If the scale is also coupled with other compatible devices (e.g. a Fitbit tracker), it can assess the health of its users even better.

No other bathroom scales compared by us from the same price segment, on the other hand, had an app or other networkable devices. Usually Bluetooth or WLAN scales (e.g. eufy Smart Scale P1) cost significantly more or do not work very well.

Therefore, in our opinion, the RENPHO bathroom scale rightly achieved the first place in the comparison.


What is compatible with the RENPHO bathroom scale?

  • Renpho app (Android | iOS)
  • Samsung Health
  • Fitbit app
  • Google Fit
  • Apple Health
All measured health data are clearly summarized in the app

All measured health data are clearly summarized in the app

(RENPHO / Amazon)

RENPHO bathroom scales at a glance compared

  • Customers at Amazon rated the RENPHO ES-26M bathroom scale with an above-average 4.3 out of 5 stars. 82 percent of them gave 4 or more stars. (As of: 05/2019)
  • We gave the RENPHO ES-26M bathroom scales a grade of “good” (2.2). They praised u. a. the many analysis values, the automatic switching on and off of the balance and the easy handling. On the other hand, they found it annoying that the app is not yet working reliably. (As of: 05/2019)
  • Of Stiftung Warentest the RENPHO ES-26M balance has not yet been evaluated in the laboratory.
Alternatively, the smart Bluetooth scale is also available in black

Alternatively, the smart Bluetooth scale is also available in black

(RENPHO / Amazon)

Prices and availability of the RENPHO bathroom scales

The RENPHO ES-26M body fat scale can be ordered online for around $30.99.

 Bluetooth personal scale with app: measures weight, BMI, muscle mass u. v. m.

RENPHO ES-26M Personal Scale – Technical Details

  • Measuring accuracy: 50 grams
  • Measures 13 health data: u. a. Body weight, body fat, water, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, BMI, BMR, metabolism, basal metabolism
  • Dimensions scale: 26 x 26 x 2.5 cm
  • Weight scale: 1.1 kg
  • Load capacity: 180 kg

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