AMAZON. Here is my full Rocketbook review after a few weeks of use to record health information. I take a lot of notes every day for work and I haven’t yet gone “all digital” with a tablet and stylus. I think I would spend it one day (especially with the iPad the stylus) but in the meantime, I consume a lot of notebook (cuckoo Moleskine) over a year. I am not completely satisfied with this use because it costs me money and on top of that, it is not terrible for the planet. So when I discovered the Rocketbook, I immediately wanted to test this solution. The Rocketbook is not Everlast’s first notebook. They had taken out the “Microwave”, the pages of which were erased by passing the notebook in the microwave. They come back with a notebook, the pages of which are erased with a damp cloth.

Rocketbook review

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What is Rocketbook?

Rocketbook is above all a notebook. It is used like a completely normal notebook with a ballpoint pen (be careful, however, you must use a specific brand of pen) to fill the pages of the notebook. Why talk about it on AB smart health suddenly?Because the Rocketbook can be your smart health recorder and it is reusable. The pages of the notebook are not made of plastic paper but of synthetic polyester. This material was developed to work in pair with FriXion pens from the Pilot brand. You should not use other types of pens as this could damage your notebook. It is well specified by Everlast. The combination of paper and FriXion pen offers the possibility of being able to erase pages with a damp cloth. Once your notebook is filled, you erase the pages and you can start taking notes again without having changed your notebook.

One more app to scan your notes

This is where technology comes in! Everlast offers an application (iOS and Android) to scan your notes before erasing them. The application is very simple and well thought out. When launching the application, you will have to link the different accounts you want to use to store your notes. The application is compatible with many cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneNote, Evernote and of course by email. Once you have chosen the different services that you want to use, you must assign a symbol to them in your notebook. Thanks to this little trick, just check the symbol corresponding to the service at the end of each note (you can use different services for the same note) and when you go to scan your notes, scanning will be automatic. In a few seconds, your notebook page will be scanned and sent to the service corresponding to the symbol you have saved. I find the application super successful and the scanning “cleaner” than when I use Scanbot to scan my notebooks in Evernote.

QR codes

Regarding scanning, the QR code allows the application to identify the page and the black border allows it to clearly define the page. Note that I checked, the QR code is identical for all pages, it is used just to say that it is a page to scan, not to tell it that it is the 1st or the 10th page. However, it can tell the direction of the page, so if you scan it backwards, it will return the page to you! The scan is done automatically, you just have to present the pages one after the other in front of the lens of your smartphone’s camera, and it will take all the scans. And if you leave the same page in front of the lens, it is the same page that he will have scanned a number of times.

Scan rendering

Regarding the rendering of the scan, it is fairly faithful, it is a bit like a photocopy, you have a little loss in the process, but it is not huge and it is fairly faithful! Also note that if you draw a little on the QR code, it will still be able to read it, but it seems that there will be a loss of rendering in this corner. And that if you draw something that looks like a QR code, it works too. [caption id="attachment_50506" align="alignnone" width="320"] scanner version of notes[/caption] [caption id="attachment_50507" align="alignnone" width="320"] Original version of notes[/caption]

Conclusion of the RocketBook Everlast 

The whole “notebook + pen + application” makes the product very interesting and I am won over! The glossy paper allows pleasant writing, but also facilitates the erasing of the ink without leaving too much marks. (On classic paper, even erased, we notice very strongly what had been written). The ballpoint pen has an integrated eraser. The application scans automatically. The faults? Since the notepad requires a special pen, I would have liked to have a pen holder to avoid losing it, because if I use another ballpoint pen, I make the notepad as useful as another block note… And this is also the 2nd negative point, it is precisely that we have to use a very specific ballpoint pen! A big revolution would have been that it was the note book that was erasable, and not the ink, which would have made it possible to use any pen! That’s why I wanted to talk about it on AB SMART HEALTH. If, like me, you take a lot of notes, the Rocketbook is a great tool to have with you all the time. AB smart health review  ]]>

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