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Senstroke Review : a virtual battery that fits in your pocket!

Senstroke Review: a virtual battery that fits in your pocket!

Who has never imagined themselves on drums, imitating a Johan Bonham or an Ian Peace, listening to a good song? I believe that we all did it: Among the musical instruments, the battery is thus undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed, because of its ease of handling: it is indeed not necessary to know the music theory perfectly, or complicated position of the fingers to create perfect notes. The drums are very intuitive to play, and only require a little rhythm. However, it has two major faults: it is very bulky, and very noisy, which dissuades many from equipping, especially if you live in an apartment. This is why Jérôme Dron, himself drummer and founder of the start-up REDISON, created the smart health connected battery Senstroke: a patented sensor system for playing drums anywhere … without a battery! A demonstration during the last CES Unveiled in Paris had me so interested that I asked to do a more prolonged Senstroke Review…

Senstroke reviewUnpacking the Senstroke smart connected battery

Senstroke, it’s a system of sensors designed to create a virtual battery. The box received is therefore very compact, far from the size of a traditional battery: p

2 hands, 2 feet, thousands of sounds, we promise. The received kit indeed has 4 sensors, one for each hand and foot.

Inside, we therefore find our 4 sensors, accompanied by two shoe fittings, a double micro Usb adapter for recharging, and finally a foam adapter for bass drum. Two wooden rods were also sent to us for the Review.

The sensors are very compact, since they measure only 67 mm x 19 mm x 24 mm, for 19g each.

On the top, only one button will be visible, to pair the sensor and to wake it up when you want to use it. A colored LED all around the button will also indicate its operating mode.

On one end, a micro Usb port for charging.

Two sensors can be recharged simultaneously thanks to the Usb dual micro adapter. A full recharge (allow 3 hours) will provide approximately 12 hours of autonomy.

Nothing is simpler to use: just clip two sensors onto the rods (size A5 or A7). The two remaining sensors will be attached to the top of each foot using the two straps provided.

It only remains to proceed with the configuration …

 Our rating

Have you always dreamed of playing drums, but have neither the space nor the neighbors for? Rejoice, here is Senstroke, a “virtual” battery which recreates the same sensations and the same sound, simply using sticks and sensors.




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