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Xiaomi launches a smart scale xiaomi body fat scale 2

Xiaomi launches a smart scale at $ 16

The xiaomi body fat scale 2 therefore joins the health home automation ecosystem of the Chinese brand.

Xiaomi launches a new version of its Mi Body Composition Scale connected scale, what is it worth? Should we crack? This is what we will see in this test.Xiaomi therefore continues, again and again, to reduce the price of portable technology and smart health home devices with this smart scale. 

High-end design

The unpacking is still as satisfying with inside the connected scale protected by a plastic held between 2 boxes. Also, you will find the user manual and the warranty.

We immediately notice the more accomplished finishes than those of its big sister. In fact, the Mi Body Composition Scale 2 connected scale has a white reinforced glass plate with Jade appearance. It is immediately more premium even if the downside will surely be footprints. Also, this plate will certainly be more fragile, be careful not to knock the connected scale.

The curves are smooth and better worked for a more upscale look. Even if this judgment remains at the discretion of each one, we will appreciate the minimalist design of the product.

The feet are articulated and hard plastic unlike those of the Composition Scale which were more rubber. This choice will allow the scale to keep a hold on the ground and thus allow an increased precision of the measurements since the feet will follow the ground perfectly.

An effort has been made (surely thanks to the glass plate) on the LED display of the scale which is “cleaner”, however this improvement is nuanced. Indeed, this display is less readable when the brightness directly illuminates the connected scale …

In terms of technical characteristics, this Mi Body Composition Scale 2 measures 300 x 300 mm with a thickness of 25 mm and a weight of 1.7 kg. Note that you will need 4 AAA pies, these are not supplied with the connected scale. Bluetooth 5.0 replaces 4.2 and contributes to lower consumption by the scale.

Always as appreciable, the scale can take into account up to 16 different profiles. Useful especially when you live together in the same place and want to benefit as many people as possible.

A new version that does more

The Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 is more precise thanks to its G-shaped sensor in order to detect weight changes from 50 grams.

The weight range is increased from 5 kg to 100 g in order to measure the weight of items such as fruit. This new feature is appreciable even if it requires above all the start of the scale by climbing on it, not very practical …

Getting started as easy as ever

In order to make the most of the features offered by the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2, you will need to download the Mi Fit application, available on the AppStore and PlayStore.

At the time of the first weighing, all you have to do is activate Bluetooth, launch the Mi Fit application on your phone and step on the scale. The weight will be displayed simultaneously on the connected scale and on the app.

This new version follows in the footsteps of its big sister by offering only Bluetooth. This choice will involve the need to have Bluetooth enabled and to have the phone on in order to synchronize it with your weight.

Complete and precise data

The Mi Fit app informs you about 13 parameters of body composition. Among these, you will find: fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass, proteins, BMI, weight or the rate of visceral fat.

Like his little sister, we put forward the precision of the measurements even if this news is no exception to the rule, the weight gain must be done seriously: no clothes, take off the feet and hands and no accessories.

Xiaomi improves the measurements with each new version of its bathroom scale and this is encouraging for the future!

Should we crack?

It is impossible to answer with a simple yes or no. Indeed, it will depend on the needs of each one. If the weighing from 100 grams is a real need, just like the glass tray, you can jump on this product without hesitation. However, if you already have the first version and these improvements do not benefit you, this purchase is not necessary.

The Mi Body Composition Scale 2 connected scale combines finish, functionality and precision

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