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Amazfit PowerBuds earphones with heart rate sensor

Amazfit PowerBuds earphones with heart rate sensor

Amazfit PowerBuds review?The Xiaomi subsidiary, Huami, which manages the Amazfit brand, the specialist in portable smart health connected accessories (wearables, smartwatch) presented new Amazfit PowerBuds wireless headphones at CES 2020.

We waited a bit, hoping for their rapid release as the promises are so exciting. Now, they are  available at the Amazon.  

Amazfit PowerBuds design

A classic look (without this unsightly rod of the AirPods Pro) which gives off a perceived high quality. However, the appearance of the Amazfit PowerBuds charging box and earplugs are very similar to Xiaomi AirDots. But the difference is that the Amazfit PowerBuds is equipped with a removable earloop with magnetic clip to make the headphones more stable and difficult to lose. When the magnetic hooks are not used, they can be removed and stored in the cover of the charging case. PowerBuds are also delivered with 4 bit sizes silicone to adapt to each ear. Amazfit PowerBuds comfort design test Finally for comfort, they are 30% lighter than Apple’s AirPods Pro. To please everyone, the Xiaomi subsidiary offers 3 colors. A black base with red decoration, a white base with salmon or pistachio decoration. The headphones have 3 component zones. In the upper part the rechargeable battery, in the middle the heart rate sensor and in the bottom the audio part. For comfortable use, without having to use your phone, the PowerBuds have touch controls on their rear side. You can:
  • Play or pause
  • Change of song (next or previous)
  • Activate active noise reduction
  • Launch voice commands (Siri or Google Assistant present on your smartphone)
The main features:
  • IP55 standard. They are resistant to rapid immersion in water and dust. They are perfect for supporting the sweat, or be used in the rain.
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures (0 to 45 ° C).
  • 55mAh earphone battery (x 2), plus 450mAh charging box battery.
Amazfit PowerBuds Bluetooth earphone for sport

Connectivity and functionality

The Amazfit PowerBuds are clearly headphones designed to be able to play sports with them. In addition to being able to listen to your favorite music, it supports monitoring of the real-time heart rate. In addition, you can create audio alerts based on a heart rate threshold.
  • Sign in Bluetooth 5
  • Compatible with Apple Siri voice commands (Apple HomePod) or Google Assistant (Google health home), as well as XiaoAi but only in Chinese.
  • Battery life: 8 hours on a charge, with a total of 24 hours using its charging case.
    • Power supply via USB C / USB socket
    • Fast recharge in 15 minutes for 3 hours of use.
  • Usable with most smartphones with Android minimum 5.0 or iPhone with iOS 10+.

Amazfit PowerBuds audio quality

As a Bluetooth headset, sound quality and latency are naturally the most worrying issues. The Amazfit PowerBuds uses a highly sensitive rubidium magnet with a high-end coincidence diaphragm, which produces a clear and powerful sound. If, like me, you like the bass, you can boost it with the app using the “Beat Motions” mode. In addition, the Amazfit PowerBuds has the active noise reduction function. This effectively removes ambient noise and makes calls much more audible. Conversely, Amazfit PowerBuds, like AirPods Pro also support switching to so-called transparent mode. This choice allows you to stay in touch with the surrounding sounds. Perfect for getting around town safely. The Amazfit earphones have 2 microphones. This will allow high quality calls to be made with noise reduction. Your interlocutor will therefore hear you clearly, despite the distance from the mouth. 4 tips are also provided to adapt to all ear morphologies, while charging is done USB Type-C. The cable is obviously supplied. Amazfit PowerBuds Price

Amazfit PowerBuds and competitors prices

The official price is $ 99.99 (or € 99). Obviously, compared to other Chinese headphones, the price is higher. But, they offer a lot more, especially the addition of the heart rate sensor. Comparison of Chinese Xiaomi, Redmi or Amazfit headphones:
Redmin AirDots Xiaomi AirDots Xiaomi AirDots Pro Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2
Design Black White White White
Weight 4.1g 4.2g 4.2g 4.5g
Autonomy 4 hrs 4 hrs 3 hrs 4 hrs
Sign in Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 4.2 Bluetooth 5.0
Active noise reduction no no yes (music) yes (call)
Price $30 $45 $69 $79
But for me, the most serious competitors in this sports headphones category is Jabra Elite 75t, which is sold $170. Best Bluetooth Smart Headphones 2020
  1. Jabra Elite Active 75 t to $170 for their versatility and lightness
[content-egg module=Amazon template=item groups="Jabra Elite 75t"] [content-egg module=AE__amazonca template=item groups="Jabra Elite 75t"] 2.News Amazfit Powerbuds at $99 . [content-egg module=Amazon template=item groups="Amazfit PowerBuds"]        3.PowerBeats 3 around $199  if you like its particular design, the top for sport. [content-egg module=Amazon template=item groups="PowerBeats 3"]       4.Bose SoundSport from $149 . [content-egg module=Amazon template=item groups="Bose SoundSport"]       5.Samsung galaxy buds at $129, if you have a Samsung smartphone. [content-egg module=Amazon template=item groups="Samsung galaxy buds"]

Amazfit PowerBuds review

A great innovation at a very affordable price for high-end sports headphones. They are among the very few to integrate heart rate monitoring with voice notifications. In fact, they’re great for physical activity, without the need for a smartwatch or having to access your phone. AB SMART HEALTH REVIEW]]>

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