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WaterRower Natural S4 review

WaterRower Natural S4 [Rameur à eau] Notice

WaterRower Natural with S4 display – Rowing machine reviews

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Whether you want an intense workout to tone your physique or a workout that will keep you in good shape, the rowing machine WaterRower Natural (or original series) is a great tool to achieve good results.

It offers a variety of programs for the user and its design and construction are such that it can meet training needs. Whether veterans to beginners, this rower has the ability and design to keep you in shape for years (if not decades) to come.

The WaterRower Natural rower is a device of choice for several reasons. The first thing you notice is the beautiful handcrafted solid oak wood that makes it more elegant than the average majority of rowers.

Our favorite style is the oak wood version. The oak / honey color hue and Danish oil finish gives it plenty of style to add a nice touch to any decor.

However, like its cousin the WaterRower Classic in walnut wood, the choice of wood as the material is not only an aesthetic option, it ensures that sounds and vibrations are better absorbed and distributed. This ensures that the user enjoys a smoother and quieter workout.

In addition, the WaterRower’s WaterFlyWheel technology provides dynamic resistance, allowing the user to comfortably choose the desired level of workout intensity. Its ergonomic seat and double rail promise safety, stability and fluidity during training.

And above all the features of the WaterRower Natural, the S4 Performance Analyzer Display is an easy-to-use, training-tracking and optimized device providing precise and detailed data as you row.

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Technical informations :




• Height: 53.3 cm
• Width: 55.8 cm
• Length: 201.8 cm

Characteristics :

• American oak wood frame
• Oak / honey color stain and Danish oil finish
• WaterFlyWheel (paddle in water tank)
• Double Rail seat
• ergonomic handle
• Ergonomic saddle
• Polar compatible (heart rate tracker)
• Maximum user weight: 450kg


WaterRower Natural S4 review

WaterRower Natural S4 review

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Computer functions:

  • S4 LCD display Performance analyzer
  • Intensity in m / s
  • Miles / hour
  • Pulse frequency
  • Cardiac frequency
  • Calories burned
  • Distance traveled
  • Training time


  • 3-year parts warranty
  • 5-year framework warranty

Delivery and assembly:

The WaterRower Natural rower arrives safely and on time packed. The assembly is relatively simple because the spare parts are few. It shouldn’t take more than half an hour.

All necessary tools and an instruction manual are included.

What we love about the WaterRower Natural rowing machine with S4 monitor:

This is a high-ranking device. Not only is the WaterRower worth the cost, but it will last a lifetime and bring aesthetics to your home. Most rowers are moderately aesthetic (not to mention names), while the WaterRower Natural rower is a wood rower that combines elegance and durability.

Plus, it’s capable of delivering a workout that can take your muscles to their limits in just a few minutes.

Its flywheel guarantees dynamic resistance, you can easily choose the intensity level that best suits your exercise needs.

Perhaps its best feature, however, is the fact that this rower is crafted from solid oak wood covered with Danish oil, an excellent material for a quiet and smooth workout.

The design of its frame and the construction of the mechanism of this rower are such that the user has a smooth, safe and powerful training session at the same time.

Other considerations:

The only downside of the WaterRower Natural rower is its price. On the other hand, for this sum, you buy a nice complete sports equipment thanks to its high-end screen monitor the S4. So, if your budget allows it, it’s a long-term investment to consider.

The rower comes with a three-year parts warranty and a five-year frame warranty, that’s something to be confident about and sleep soundly for a few years.

The WaterRower Natural rower:

We believe this rower is the perfect example of what a high-end, professional device should be. It can be used by beginners as well as by experienced athletes, in the gym or at home.

The WaterRower perfectly combines aesthetics with comfort and durability. It is perfect and recommended for home use, it offers a pleasant smooth and quiet workout, it is balanced and safe.

Its solid oak wood frame earns it bonus points for elegance, while the fact that it is equipped with the S4 performance analyzer screen gives it an edge over many other rowers.

With this S4 performance analyzer you will be constantly up to date on everything you need to know about your workout, and it will help you organize your workout as well as set specific goals and achieve them.

Its choice of programs, moreover, is convenient for setting up a routine and can be varied.

The rowing machine WaterRower Natural is a reliable equipment device that offers its user a well-balanced total body workout. Its calmness makes it perfect for home use without disturbing others.

Easy to handle, transport and store, the WaterRower Natural rowing machine easily fits into your home environment effortlessly and adds character to your space.

If you want a rower that lasts for a long time, helps you tone your physique and improve your overall fitness, this model is definitely what you need.

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