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Wonder Xiaomi mi scale 3? Or Xiaomi Smart Scale 

Wonder Xiaomi mi scale 3? Or Xiaomi Smart Scale 

Are you looking for xiaomi mi scale 3? Not in the market.But this is the perfect opportunity to present the Xiaomi Smart Scale  to you.

We will see together a quick unboxing, its daily use, the application linked to this scale and of course the use in Jeedom.

Let’s start unboxing the Xiaomi Smart connected scale

Cardboard is very simple. A nice photo of the scale on the top of the box as well as the brand logo. On one side of the box, we find the name of the product, the model, the bluetooth 4.0 connection. We also see that it is compatible with Android 4.4, iOS 8.0 (and versions above) as well as Bluetooth 4.0. The cardboard container is also indicated here, namely the scale as well as the manual.

Xiaomi mi scale 3? The Xiaomi Smart Scale itself

So there I think you all know it, you have certainly seen it passed in different places.

On the top, we find the logo of the brand in the center and at the four corners, the gray circles are in fact stainless steel electrodes in order to retrieve the data very precisely.

On the underside of the scale we have the four non-slip rubber feet as well as the battery compartment.

So much for the description of the Xiaomi Smart Scale connected scale. It is very sober and therefore melts well everywhere. Room, bathroom or other, so you can put it where you want.

A quick word about the functions of this Xiaomi Smart Scale connected scale

This Xiaomi smart connected scale will become your personalized coach, giving you statistical data about you, such as Body Fat, Bone Mass, BMI, Weight, Water Level, Visceral Fat, BMI, Body Score, Basal Metabolism.

Get a better understanding of your body with this Xiaomi Smart Scale connected scale that gives you precise statistics through a series of complex algorithms and advanced bioelectric impedance analysis.

The Xiaomi Smart Scale connected scale not only identifies adults and children. It automatically detects your family members and can handle up to 16 different people.

In order for all the data to be collected, you just need to stay on the scale. It will first display your weight and then follow small lines to let you know that other data is being measured. Be sure to stay on the scale if you want it to be able to retrieve all the information.

Now let’s move on to the application for the Xiaomi  smart scale

The application for retrieving all data from the Xiaomi Smart Scale connected scale is MiFit. You probably already know it because a lot of health related products use this app.

We will therefore see here what this application offers with the Xiaomi Smart Scale connected scale. Here I will show you the integration of the scale into the application and see the data it offers.

For starters, the MiFit app is of course available on the App Store and the Play Store.

When launching the application, you are asked to either log in if you already have a MiFit account or to create one. For my part, I’m going to pretend I don’t have an account, so I’m going to create a new one.

Once the account is created, you will be asked for some information about yourself, namely:

the pseudo
your gender
a date of birth
your size
as well as your weight
Once this is filled in, you just have to click on Next at the bottom of the page. You will then be taken to the home page of your account. Nothing can be found here knowing that I have created a new account.

Add the Xiaomi Smart Scale connected scale in MiFit

In order to be able to add the scale in MiFit, all you have to do is click on “Add a device” on the page above.

You are then asked what type of product you want to add to the application. For us, it will therefore be a balance.

A small message is displayed informing us that when we have paired this device, several information will be collected and processed, namely:

body fat percentage
muscular mass
water rate
basal metabolism
visceral fat level
bone mass
Type of body
body condition.

We can therefore see that the scale allows you to collect a lot of information and not just weight.

In order for the balance to be paired correctly on the app, all you need to do is weigh yourself and stand still while the app recognizes the device. You will then be asked if the weight indicated on the application is the one you see on the scale in order to be sure that it is the correct scale. You never know your other half is trying to do the same thing in the next room, exactly at the same time !!!

You will then be prompted, once the scale is properly paired, for some basic settings such as the weight unit you wish to use. Also if you want to merge duplicate records. For my part, I deactivated it because in my opinion, we do not weigh ourselves every 30 seconds but rather once a day. On this page you also have a little help on the Xiaomi Smart Scale connected scale, the firmware version and the bluetooth address. And finally, you have the “unlink” button if you want to remove this scale from the application.

Here is a screen of what you can find in the help menu on the previous page. We explain to you in a picture how to weigh yourself correctly. This is important enough so that all data is well recovered. Indeed if you weigh yourself in shoes, a large amount of data cannot be taken.

Once the connected Xiaomi Smart Scale is paired

This is the screen you will have once you have successfully paired the scale with MiFit. You will be able to set a target weight according to a curve that matches your recorded data. So here, it is completely obsolete knowing that I entered the correct information about myself but that the weighing was done only for the screens. But you find a weight curve with colors corresponding to various statuses. So like the app bed, depending on your age, height and gender, it will give you an equivalent curve.

The data collected by the Xiaomi Smart Scale 

Once you have recorded your weighing on the scale, the app will do all the necessary calculations to give you all the information it can.

It will give you a weight chart that you can click on for a little more information. You will find your weight gain curve on the scale, a statistic in relation to users of the same age and the same height. You will also find the same colored weight line with the indices (underweight, normal, overweight, obese I and obese II) that we saw above. And to finish a little word on the weight.

In addition to your weight chart, the app will give you a body score that will be based on various items. All these elements, you find them by clicking on the tile of your score.

You have the following elements with each time the result obtained and a little personalized note to give you the right advice concerning your body.

muscular mass
Body fat
Basal Metabolism
Visceral fat
Bone mass
Body age
Ideal weight
And finally, your build

So that’s all the Xiaomi Smart Scale can give you using the MiFit app. It therefore allows you to do a very in-depth follow-up on your health with all the necessary data.

The connected  Xiaomi Smart Scale in Jeedom

So obviously as you know, a product doesn’t come home without the Doc trying to do something with Jeedom. Whether it is useful or not, this is an obligatory passage for each connected product passing through our doorstep.

As you almost all know already, this scale can be integrated into Jeedom via the BLEA plugin.

I’ll leave room for the Doc to give you a quick word on all of this.

So to add it, it’s simple just run a SCAN by choosing “Miscale 2 in the list”. In all theory the scale should appear in Jeedom within 10 seconds.

I’ll leave room for the Doc to give you a quick word on all of this.

So to add it, it’s simple just run a SCAN by choosing “Miscale 2 in the list”. In all theory the scale should appear in Jeedom within 10 seconds.

Once the scale is created, the measurements will go back up. However, an interesting thing to do is to create users. In fact, the scale only feeds back the measurement information and in fact only sends the weight and the conductivity of your body. Everything else is handled by the app. So I mimicked this behavior on Blea by allowing the creation of users. To do this, simply click on the “Specific configuration” button and fill in the fields:

Here you can add as many users as you want:

giving them a name
one size in cm
a reference weight (it will then be replaced, it is just used during the first measurement, because no magic just as the app can ask you for confirmation if it has any doubt, the plugin is based on the nearest weight by compared to the last measurement)
the date of birth (see the format on the capture)
and define a sex
All this information will make it possible to assign the last measurement to the right person and to be able to calculate, based on weight and conductivity, the information and trends given by the Mifit application.

So you will have info commands for each type of information for each user and also anyway info commands for the last measurement. Tip: Don’t hesitate to explode the info into virtual ones if you want one tile per user. Example for my smallest son:

So you have the option of knowing that someone has used the scale with the last weight controls, and even knowing who it is weighed with the user specific controls. Ideal for certain scenarios in the bathroom for example.


A quick little word on this scale. Usually with the brand, we are in the presence of a very simple and very uncluttered product but with a large number of functions. It is very easy to use and we collect all the information necessary for a good study of our body. Provided, I repeat that the weighing is done in the rules. In addition, the application is quite simple and gives you various tips on the results obtained. And finally, it is Jeedom compatible, so what more could you ask for !!!

Obviously, this scale has the function of person recognition. You can therefore save several profiles and during weighing, the person who will be mounted on the scale will be automatically recognized. If the application casts doubt on the person, you will be asked to confirm this before saving the data. So you can keep track of the whole family on the same app without having to download the app for each of you.

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