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Zàngfǔ xū 脏腑 虚 or the concept of missing organ – smart health with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Identifying the missing (or weakest) organ in a consultant's birth card is the first step in treatments using the 5 Movement and 6 Qi Theory. First we need to calculate the trunk and branch of the year of birth. The combination of the trunk, the branch, the presidency in heaven (SI TIAN) or the residence at the source (ZAI QUAN), produces 4 organs that we will distribute in the logic of the 5 phases (Wu Xing).

For example, the year 1984 is a Jia Zi year. Shao Yin is in heaven, Yang Ming is at the source. The Dan organ (Gallbladder) corresponds to the Jia trunk and the Zi branch and belongs to the WOOD phase. The great movement associated with the Jia trunk is the excess EARTH movement, and Dan also corresponds to the Earth. The annual Zi branch corresponds to the UAE phase and for a person born in the first half of 1984, Shao Yin governs in heaven and the organs Xin and Shen belong to the UAE and FIRE phases. The Metal phase is empty.

The seasonal Qi of the Zi branch (associated with the Gallbladder) is WATER, that of the Mao branch (associated with the Kidneys) is METAL, that of the Wu branch (associated with the Heart) is FIRE. WOOD and EARTH are absent.

In the Metal phase we find the organs Fei and Da Chang. The organs associated with a seasonal Wood and Earth Qi are the organs Fei, Da Chang, Gan, Wei, Xiao Chang and Xin Bao (i.e. the organs corresponding to the Earth Branches Yin, Mao, Chen, Wei, Xu, Chou ).

So we have a Metal phase and two seasonal Qi missing from the birth card:

The treatment strategy is then simply to use the points of the associated channels to feed Fei and Da Chang.

Take the case of a person born in the second half of 1938, Wu Yin year. Wu is a year of excess fire (Wu is Earth Yang, the Stomach and turns into Fire), Yin corresponds to the sign of the Tiger, Lung and Shou Tai Yin and has a seasonal Wood Qi. Jue Yin resides at the source. So we have a trunk, a branch and a division that represent the strong aspects of the consultant’s birth year. We can deduce the weak or deficient aspects.

Jue Yin is Wood and Fire, the Stomach which is either associated with the great annual movement Fire is nevertheless an organ Earth. The Yin branch corresponds to the Lung which is Metal. The missing phase is therefore WATER.

The seasonal Qi of Gan is Earth, of Xin Bao is Earth, of Wei is Earth, and of Fei is Wood. The seasonal Qi absent are then Fire, Metal and Water. Earth largely dominates this birth card.

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