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Beurer SleepExpert – How to analyze your sleep?

Beurer Sleep Expert – How to analyze your sleep?

The number of objects that can be smart health connected directly to your sleep will soon look like a Roman legion if there are any. However, as in Asterix, some Romans risk taking a few slaps given their increasing number.Do you heard of beurer sleepexpert ?

On the health home side Beurer, the German “Health & Wellness” specialist, we intend to resist the invader. I want to prove this Beurer SE 80 SleepExpert who, in collaboration with the American EarlySense, will help you to analyze thoroughly the bowels of your nights, white or hot, whatever.

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This Beurer Sleep Expert comes in the form of a disc to insert under your mattress. It has a series of sensors that will then communicate with an application to install on your smartphone.

You will then be able to obtain a full shovel of statistics of all kinds which will help you to analyze your behavior during your dive into the world of Morpheus: Duration before falling asleep, wake up frequency, total sleep time, heartbeat, respiratory rate and he is even able to detect night apnea.

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The application will therefore allow you to display cheerful graphics: hypnogram sleep phases, representations of your sleep patterns per day / week / month and one function FreshWake for an awakening rested in the ideal sleep phase.

beurer sleep expert 03

The Beurer SE 80 SleepExpert is available for


I’m getting down to work with the manufacturer to hopefully get a copy for testing. Good night ?

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Beurer SE80UK SleepExpert Sleep Sensor with App

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  • Heart rate respiratory rate recording (can detect irregularities) with individual evaluation
  • For measuring , analysing and improving personal sleeping habits, individual tips for a better sleep
  • Validated in a sleep laboratory in cooperation with EarlySense
  • Innovative networking between free smartphone app and sleep sensor with modern bluetooth smart or Wi-Fi technology
  • Fresh wake function to help you wake up well-rested in the appropriate sleep phase



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