Butterfly baby activity monitoring and diaper detector to change an innovation proposed at Xtrava by Rodolphe Degandt

Butterfly baby activity monitoring and diaper detector to change Xtrava

Baby monitors can help parents rest a little easier, easily monitoring with a smart health connected sensor:

But now Xtrava is going one step further with its diaper humidity sensor.

So her new Butterfly panties can help you know when to change your baby’s diaper so you don’t have to sniff or wait for your baby to cry.

Unlike other baby monitors like the Nany where the Babysense , it’s not just for babies while they’re asleep, but for full daytime monitoring.

Buttefly Xtrava baby activity tracking app sensors

How the Butterfly baby care Xtrava works

The human body emits very small signals that indicate how it is doing. Some of them are easily detectable, while others are much more difficult to detect. Generally, the more difficult the signals are to detect, the more information they reveal. These signals come in many forms such as temperature, vibration and tiny electric waves.

For example, when you get sick, your temperature rises and thermometers help you measure this signal. Signals also react differently when they interact with their environment or other similar signals.

During a physical exam, a nurse will measure your heart rate by detecting how light interacts with your skin using a pulse oximeter on your finger.

So Strava’s idea is to ensure regular readings with the Butterfly and send the information to your mobile. Or in the event of an anomaly, an alert.

Butterfly Xtrava features and sensors

The baby monitoring uses nothing but AI and its sensors. They can analyze:

  • The baby’s movements and breathing.
  • There is a humidity sensor layers. It uses this humidity sensor to determine if your baby’s diaper is wet. If so, you receive a alert on your smartphone so you can change the diaper right away.
  • Xtrava says he can monitoring the environment and use it to help analyze the baby’s sleep, but does not specify whether there will be an ambient temperature sensor.

baby health analysis Buttefly Xtrava

The baby’s entire day is summarized chronologically in the app. So that at the end of the day you can take a look at his breathing, his sleep and his diaper changes.

It will even use all of this information, plus AI, to give you practical advice on how to improve your baby’s sleep, when he will likely wake up and of course when to change his diaper

Price and availability

The Butterfly is available for order now, the official price of the Butterfly is $ $249. Delivery times are 90 days.



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