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A sleepbox to fight against sleep apnea

Sleep well. It is a necessity of everyday life. If we spend a restless night, our partner snores or has difficulty falling asleep, the following day can be complicated. A situation well understood by manufacturers who have already developed a range of products around connected sleep. But a more complicated problem than simple snoring is sleep apnea. It causes fatigue, headaches, irritability … and in large proportions can be really dangerous for health.A sleepbox designed to help those who are sick.

With this new CPAP device for sleep apnea, whose minimalist design has been designed by designer Philippe Starck, SEFAM’s ambition is to optimize treatment compliance, to involve the patient more in the management of sleep apnea. management of his illness and to reduce the consequences and therefore the costs of taking charge of this pathology.

Sleepbox, a hyper-connected box

Do you know what is one of the main problems of sleep apnea? The abandonment of therapy. And the reason may surprise … Most patients have a problem with the “look” that gives them the breathing aid mask. They are “ugly”. That’s why Sefam has teamed up with designer Philippe Starck. The goal? Remove an aesthetic often reminiscent of a vacuum cleaner to create a device that fits more easily inside the bedroom. In the end, a small box of twenty centimeters of side entirely black and shiny.

However, it was not possible to remove the pipe connecting the device to the mask. “We have refined and softened the pipe, made more discreet thanks to the black color and a connection at the back of the device,” said Philippe Starck.

Beyond the look, the camera is endowed with small interesting options. “The Sleepbox is equipped with a Wifi and Bluetooth system, and connected to two apps – one for the patient, the other for the doctor and the home health provider – for a follow-up of the pathology and the device. “Says Pierrick Haan, founding president of Sefam. Tools that allow one side of the patient to have information on the quality of his sleep, the observance of treatment and the presence of mask leaks. On the other hand, the doctor can monitor the situation and intervene if there is a problem.

But because the treatment is restrictive, it comes up too often against difficulties of acceptance, the patients opposing a refusal from the outset or gradually abandoning their treatment.
In this context, the SEFAM and the creator Philippe Starck imagined the Sleepbox by Starck, a new PPC device with an innovative design: it is indeed a very futuristic black cube with a transparent part. Inside, a concentrate of new technologies to optimize the care of patients, improve their compliance with treatment and reduce the costs incurred by the Health Insurance.
The device not only collects data on apneas and device operation – hours of use, residual apnea index, mask leakage, pressure, but can also collect data for other health parameters of the device. patient.

A sleepbox to fight against sleep apnea smart health

Sleep apnea syndrome

The sleep apnea affects about 5% of the population and associats with many complications.
In addition to fatigue, drowsiness, depression and attention deficit and memory disorders, it significantly increases the risk factors for hypertension (hypertension) and stroke (stroke), coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes , and road accidents.
The optimization of treatment compliance is a major issue in the therapeutic management of sleep apnea syndrome, as is the monitoring of all comorbidities and risk factors.


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