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Now Apple give you Beddit 3 sleep sensor to monitor your sleep

Apple is everywhere even in your dreams. The Apple brand has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for a smart health device Beddit 3 that can monitor your sleep.

This Sleep Tracker offers you a complete and easy-to-use solution to follow your sleep.

The solutions to analyze his sleep are quite numerous, the bracelet connected to the application that uses the microphone to monitor you, we are spoiled for choice. Beddit 3 offers a slightly different solution.

This monitor will be able to follow your sleep and give you information on how you sleep. This new generation of sensor created by Beddit will be placed on your mattress so you do not miss a single crumb of your sleep cycles.

Beddit 3 takes care of your sleep

At this time, it seems that sleeping well is a common goal. Bultex has launched by offering a mattress connected is now the turn of Apple and its sleep monitor. Last year Tim Cook’s company bought the Beddit company to embark on the wonderful world of sleep. This new monitor would be a new generation of device. Beddit 3, the latest version of Beddit, is still on sale on the company’s online store. A document in the FCC repository states that the device is “designed by Beddit California” and indicates a new product number: 3.5.

The apple sleep monitor

The device will be placed under your sheets above your mattress, as if it were not there. Once placed, the monitor will be able to track the duration of your sleep and its effectiveness, as well as factors such as heart rate, breathing, temperature, movement, snoring, ambient temperature and humidity. A long list of features that will help you better understand your sleep and how you can improve it. So, once you wake up you will be able to view all this data from your iPhone or iPad.

A new sleep tracker would already be in preparation and ready to hit the market. But in the meantime, the current Beddit is sold on the online store of Apple, priced at 160 $.

Beddit 3 -Suivi-Sommeil apple sleep tracker smart health 智慧健康智慧医疗设备Using Beddit3

The use is very simple! The Beddit automatically detects that you are in bed so to analyze your sleep, just lie down. The Beddit detects your presence, communicates with the application and tracks your sleep directly.

To stop, just get up! The algorithms are well done because they analyze the time and so if you get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, Beddit will know it and take it into account for your sleep analysis.

We find that Beddit is a good solution to analyze your sleep, because it does not require to wear a wrist device. In addition to that, the fact of not having to launch an application to analyze your sleep is a real plus. The price is a bit high to analyze his sleep, but if it is a data that interests you, we recommend Beddit 3.

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