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Snore Circle is a smart health device that stops snoring. Small and compact, this smart anti-snoring  device settles in the hollow of the snorer’s ear to identify the sound and vibrate accordingly.

Snore Circle: a smart anti-snore mask

This object connects to the smartphone in Bluetooth. It is 62 mm high, 44 mm wide and 13 mm deep. Its total weight is only 18 grams. Its battery charges in two hours for full use over two nights.

Snoring is a direct sign that the air circulates badly in the airways of the concerned sleeper. The challenge is to find a way for the snorer to unblock his airways without waking up, nor realizing it. For this Snore Circle was inspired by the whistling grandmother’s trick. When someone whistles, it will partially wake up the sleeper who reflexively swallows. It is this swallowing that releases the airways and stops snoring.

To avoid having to whistle all night, the Snore Circle mask is used to partially awaken the culprit. This mask detects snoring through bone conduction technology and will then vibrate until the buzzer swallows and stops snoring.

How Snore Circle works

To use this object just hang it on his ear, turn it on and sleep. Extremely simple, it can be worn at any age. The developers provide a time of adaptation to their product of about three days to no longer feel uncomfortable wearing it. The application is a little more complex but does not seem necessary to the operation of the device. In other words, it only serves to visualize the data and is therefore not essential for the refractories of technology.

Available on iOS and Android, this application aims to provide you with a visual of the quality of your sleep as a graph. It will also provide statistics about your sleep in terms of duration and quality. You can also see the snoring stopped by the device and those who still persist. Finally, you will be able to make a comparison of your habits with your loved ones by sharing your data.

smart health Snore Circle smart anti-snoring

A comfortable and efficient smart health system

Hidden in an ultra-comfortable sleep mask, Snore Circle’s sensors are non-instructive and will not disturb the sleeper. The vibrations are emitted above the nose. The power is increasing and will therefore increase until the reflex is provoked. In addition to saving the nights of your companions, Snore Circle also helps you get a better night’s sleep. So your sleep data will be recorded in the app and you can analyze them and even listen to your snoring. You will be able to identify the factors favoring your snoring to influence it and improve the quality of your sleep.

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