The Nightingale is a smart health sound system that allows the user to have a restful sleep. For many people, it’s hard to fall asleep for a number of reasons, including outdoor or indoor noise. The role of this connected accessory will be to hide these different noise behind a number of ambience sounds. The goal is to help the user enjoy a better quality sleep.

Sleep disorders can have a negative impact on the body of those who suffer from it, which has motivated Cambridge Sound Management to find a solution to this problem. The main role of the Nightingale is to help the user to have a peaceful sleep without being disturbed by the external and internal noises that are usually the first responsible for the problems of falling asleep. To do this, the accessory is capable of transmitting 15 different ranges of ambient sounds that are broadcast through the speakers of its two modules.

With these sounds, the user can hide the noise inside and outside to wake up less often during the night. This device is designed by sound engineers and acoustic experts. This is without a doubt the most efficient sleep improvement system on the market.

A smart health sound system adapted to all architectures

Note that the system differs from other models market by its ability to optimize its operation taking into account the structure of the room in which it is installed. Thus, depending on the layout of your walls, your doors or windows, the floor and the overall acoustics of the room, you will get a uniform sound coverage, regardless of the point of perception. In addition, it is possible to program the Nightingale sound device so that it activates and deactivates at preset times, for example when you are used to going to bed and a little before waking up.

The Nightingale can be easily adapted to all architectures, for optimized use according to the specific acoustics of a room. Unlike commercially available white noise machines, this system takes into account the layout of the room. The sound echoes between the two units and their respective two speakers, taking into account the carpets, windows, and walls of the room.

The cover is therefore uniform, and the brain can not perceive where the molten noise is coming from in the atmosphere. It is also possible to play sounds drawn from nature to facilitate falling asleep.

Nightingale, a device designed for the smart home

Connected to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi, Nightingale can be easily controlled remotely and offers many features. The companion app is available on iOS and Android, and even on PC internet browsers.

The user can automatically program the system to activate before bedtime and switch off just before sunrise. In addition, this system is compatible with connected home devices such as Nest, Ring, Amazon Alexa, or Philips Hue thanks to the IFTTT platform.

With a sober and elegant design, the units that make up the system integrate harmoniously with the decoration of your room. Its pass-through sockets allow you to connect the Nightingale without having to unplug your other devices. As a bonus, an anti-theft system ensures the security of the installation.

smart health sound system Nightingale ehealth for a better sleepAn invention to improve sleep

This system was created to address a major health problem around the world. Many people sleep badly, and the health consequences can be disastrous. The creators of the project, Cambridge Sound Management, are experiencing sleep problems themselves.

Many noise abatement products already exist on the market, but none really seem effective. The start-up behind Nightingale has chosen to put all its sound concealment skills at the service of this project, and to deploy the latest cloud and audio technologies to achieve its goals.

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